It’s Kind of Insane That We Have yet to See Caroline Forbes on ‘Legacies’ One of the greatest character arcs in The Vampire Diaries Extended Universe is that of Caroline Forbes (Candice King). When we first meet her in TVD, she is vapid, self-involved, and pretty frivolous.

Who all did Caroline Forbes date? Caroline dated every male on the series, to be honest. In addition to Damon, Tyler, Matt, Klaus, Stefan, and Alaric, she also dated a handful of supporting characters like Liam and Jesse.

Then, Why is Caroline not in the Legacies? His daughter, Hope Mikaelson, is the leading lady of Legacies and a student at the school. The reason for Caroline’s absence came in season 1. Josie and Lizzie think their mom is away traveling as part of her work for the school. In reality, Caroline and Alaric are hiding a secret from their daughters.

Are Damon and Elena in Legacies? The Show Has an ‘Open-Door Policy’ Legacies Season 3 referenced Damon and Elena yet again. In season 3 episode 9, fans learned Josie Saltzman was staying with Damon and Elena at the reconstructed Gilbert house while she attended Mystic Falls High.


What episode did Caroline kiss Alaric?

The Vampire Diaries: 7×20 – Caroline kisses Alaric in front of Stefan and ignores him [HD] | Vampire diaries, Vampire, Alaric and caroline.

Is Rebekah a legacy? Rebecca Breeds will be reprising her Originals role on The CW’s Legacies. Dig your fangs into the exciting news below. Rebecca Breeds is back to suck your blood continue her legacy! On Thursday, Dec.

Is Bonnie a legacy? Kat Graham

I’m very grateful, but I’m not interested. » Legacies occasionally references Bonnie offscreen, deferring to her when they need some witchy expertise.

Do Damon and Elena have a child in Legacies? While many of the characters are new and delving into their own narratives, there’s one in particular from Legacies who got everyone talking. Prepare yourselves for this one: Damon and Elena have a daughter. And her name is Stefanie Salvatore.

What episode does Elena get pregnant?

« Black Hole Sun » is the 4th episode of the sixth season of the American series The Vampire Diaries and the series’ 115th episode overall.

Is Stefan alive in Legacies? « Unfortunately, that character is dead, so it’d have to happen without me, » Wesley explained to reporters during a Television Critics Association panel in August 2019 about potentially coming back as Stefan on Legacies. « I have to be honest with you, I never see that happening.

Is Bonnie Bennett in Legacies?

Recently, The Vampire Diaries spinoff Legacies aired its first-ever musical episode, but, surprisingly, Bonnie Bennett didn’t appear – but there’s a reason why. The spinoff was created by Julie Plec and follows a new generation of supernatural creatures who attend the Salvatore School in Mystic Falls.

Who is the mother of Alaric’s twins? Alaric and Caroline are the first couple ever to birth babies from a vampire’s womb (Caroline as a surrogate mother). Josette Laughlin is the twins’ biological mother. She died however during Alaric and Jo’s wedding. Alaric was engaged to both women who conceived, carried in the womb, and birthed his children.

Is Elena at Caroline’s wedding?

This was the second wedding on the show after Alaric and Jo’s and the third in the TVD/TO universe after Hayley and Jackon’s wedding. This is the first wedding ceremony to not feature Elena Gilbert and Tyler Lockwood.

How did Caroline get pregnant with Alaric’s twins?

In the present, it is revealed by Valerie that the Gemini Coven wanted to protect Jo and Alaric’s twins during Kai’s attack at their wedding. They cast a spell that allowed Caroline to become pregnant with the twins.

Does hope become a Tribrid? When Hope became the tribrid and activated her vampire powers in Legacies, she should have been stripped of magic. Here’s why she can still use it. After three seasons, Legacies finally saw Hope become the Tribid but her turn completely broke the rule about witchcraft first set forth in The Vampire Diaries.

Is Hayley a legacy? A spin-off of a spin-off, Legacies tells the story of Hope Mikaelson, the daughter of Klaus Mikaelson and Hayley Marshall, as she attends the Salvatore School for the Young and Gifted, a safe haven for supernatural creatures.

Does Hope Mikaelson become Tribrid?

Hope Andrea Mikaelson is a main character in Legacies, and she was a former major recurring character in The Originals before being promoted to a main character in the fifth season. Hope is the tribrid daughter of Niklaus Mikaelson and Hayley Marshall-Kenner.

Is Marcel a legacy? His presence would be particularly welcome later this season or early in the next, especially with Hope going through some serious changes after the ending of Legacies Season 4, Episode 3, “We All Knew This Day Was Coming.” Marcel, being outside the Mikaelson bloodline, but an adopted part of the family, has a unique …

Why is Kaylee Bryant leaving Legacies?

She ultimately came to the conclusion that she needs to live a life of her own, which meant a one-way bus ticket out of Mystic Falls and Bryant bowing out of the series for a new project.

Will Nina Dobrev be in Legacies? While it’s unlikely Legacies will ever see the on-screen return of Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerholder, the show’s executive producer Brett Matthews recently reassured fans that there is an open-door policy on the show.

What episode does Elena tell Damon she is pregnant?

Black Hole Sun (The Vampire Diaries)

« Black Hole Sun »
The Vampire Diaries episode
Episode no. Season 6 Episode 4
Directed by Kellie Cyrus
Written by Melinda Hsu Taylor Neil Reynolds

What episode does Elena tell Damon she loves him? Vampire Diaries’ Recap: Elena Tells Damon She Loves Him — Episode 410 – Hollywood Life.

Is Klaus in The Legacies?

Klaus dies in ‘The Originals,’ so it’s unlikely that he’ll be in Season 4 of ‘Legacies. The only way Klaus could be in Legacies would be through a flashback, which isn’t a very common device for the modern-day characters of the series, although we do learn about Malivore through his and his victims’ pasts.


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