Is Barton Springs Creek Open?

Only open Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday 8 am – 10 pm. No entry pass needed from 9 pm – 10 pm on Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Swim at your own risk hours are daily from 5 AM – 8 AM and do not require entry pass.

Additionally, Can you swim in Barton Springs right now? Location and Hours: Barton Springs is located in Zilker Park at 2131 William Barton Drive. In a normal year, the pool is open November to mid-March. Everyday from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. From 5 to 7 a.m., it’s swim-at-your-own risk, and guarded swim from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. .

Is the free part of Barton Springs Open? exhibit, the Zilker Snack Bar, Zilker Hillside Theater, and the free wading area of Barton Creek, called Barking Springs for its popularity with dog owners. Barton Springs is open daily, but is closed for cleaning every Thursday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. You can see the current operating hours here.

Subsequently, Can we go to Barton Springs? Barton Springs Pool Hours & Admissions

Barton Springs Pool is open every day and it operating with modified hours based on available resources.


Is Barton Springs open during ACL 2021?

The good news is the pool remains open for its normal weekend hours, although getting there will be a bit trickier.

Why is Barton Springs Pool closed? Barton Springs Pool in Austin closed temporarily due to flooding.

Are there snakes in Barton Springs Pool? It chased everyone in the vicinity of the diving board out of the pool, at least temporarily. Snakes in swimming holes (especially one as populated as Barton Springs) are probably more scared of the swimmers, but just be aware that you might come face to face with one while enjoying the water.

Is Barton Springs Pool open year round? Barton Springs is open year-round, but be mindful of the cooler temperatures come fall and winter. The water comes from the natural Edwards Aquifer, so the temperatures can range from 68-74 degrees and sometimes even colder throughout the year.

Is Barton Springs cash only?

Daily Entry Fees (Cash Only)

*Barton Springs Pool has two ticket kiosks in front of the Barton Springs Bathhouse where patrons may purchase an entry ticket with credit/debit cards. Present the entry ticket to the cashier for admission into the pool.

How much is it to go to Barton Springs Pool? Daily Entry Fees

Age Group Daily Entry Fee Resident Daily Entry Fee Non-Resident
Junior (12-17 years) $3 $5
Adult (18-62 years) $5 $9
Senior (62 years and older) $2 $5
Veterans (Honorably Discharged) FREE FREE

What lives in Barton Springs Pool?

The Springs serves as home to the endangered Barton Springs Salamander, and is listed as a federally protected habitat. Depths of the pool range from 0′ to 18′ with surrounding grassy areas for patrons to lounge upon.

Is Barton Springs chlorinated? Barton Springs does not use chlorine. Between 1929 and 1962, the pool was drained twice per week and cleaned with copper sulfate to remove the algae, which turned some of the rocks blue-green.

Are there alligators in Lake Austin?

Warner added that alligators living in the Austin area is not unheard of, but it is fairly rare to come across them. « The core of the species distribution in the state is along our counties, in our coastal marshes, where there’s prime nesting and feeding habitat, » Warner said.

Is Barton Springs safe for dogs 2021?

Dogs are more susceptible to some toxins, which can be deadly for dogs. Watershed Protection has detected harmful algae on Lady Bird Lake, Lake Austin and Barton Creek in the past. LCRA has detected harmful on other Highland Lakes in 2021.

Do you still need a reservation for Barton Springs? City of Austin

All other aquatic facilities do not currently require reservations. Season Pass Holders, Patrons 80+, Veterans as well as Retired and Active Duty Military can enter Barton Springs Pool with no reservations; however, everyone else in the party must have a reservation.

How cold is the water in Barton Springs? The pool exists within the channel of Barton Creek and utilizes water from Main Barton Spring, the fourth largest spring in Texas. The pool is a popular venue for year-round swimming, as its temperature hovers between about 68 °F (20 °C) and 74 °F (23 °C) year round.

Does it cost money to go to Barton Springs Pool?

Barton Springs has ticket kiosks where patrons may purchase an entry ticket with credit/debit cards or EXACT CURRENCY.

Daily Entry Fees.

Age Group Daily Entry Fee Resident Daily Entry Fee Non-Resident
Children under 1 year FREE FREE
Child (1-11 years) $2 $4
Junior (12-17 years) $3 $5
Adult (18-62 years) $5 $9

Does it cost money to go to Barton Springs? Barton Springs Pool is currently free admission through February 2022. Description: Swimming Pools will have a 10 a.m. delayed opening and swim at your morning hours will be canceled at Barton Springs Pool.

Do I need tickets for Barton Springs Pool?

People will need to pay the standard Barton Springs Pool entry fee (e.g., $5.00 for adult residents) in order to reserve a ticket. Modified hours have been established based on available resources.

How cold is Barton Springs water? Today it reads “average temp of 68 to 70.” Still not quite accurate, but closer than the Wikipedia entry for the pool, which boldly states,“The pool is a popular venue for year-round swimming, as its temperature maintains a stable 68 °F (20 °C) in the winter and summer.”

Is it free to swim at Barton Springs?

While a day trip to Barton Springs Pool will cost you $3 as a resident and $8 if you’re visiting from out of town, summer night swim is free. Starting at 9 p.m., during the pool’s final open hour, you will not be charged an entry fee.

Are there alligators in Barton Springs? Are there alligators in Barton Springs? There have never been alligators in Barton Springs.

What fish are in Barton Springs?


Species Weight Bait or Lure
Bass, Largemouth 6.45 buzz bait
Catfish, Channel 4.58 cut bait
Catfish, Flathead 6.35
Sunfish, Green 0.54

What kind of fish are in Barton Springs Pool? Catfish, which are most active at night, have no real enemies in the pool. Barton Springs’ underwater parade also includes orange throat- and green throat darters, gray redhorses that look like carp (they are not), green sunfish, and long-ear sunfish (they have flaps on the sides of their heads which look like « ears »).

Is Barton Creek safe to swim in?

The water at Sculpture Falls in Barton Creek has been deemed unsafe after a natural toxin that makes humans and animals sick was found in the water, Austin Watershed Protection Department officials said. People and pets should not ingest or swim in the water at Sculpture Falls, the department said.

How many laps at Barton Springs is a mile? Each pool length is 33 1/3 yards, so 53 lengths make a mile. Even when the pool is at its busiest, you usually only need to wait a few minutes to find a spot in a split or circle-swim lane.

How Clean Is Barton Springs? Barton Creek has remained relatively clean thanks to land protections and other policies protecting the Barton Springs Edwards Aquifer. However, in certain conditions water quality issues such as algae blooms can arise. Barton Springs has periodically closed due to water quality concerns such as bacteria.

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