How often does Indian Pacific run?

The Indian Pacific Train runs weekly, it travels from Sydney (via Adelaide) to Perth and vice versa. It departs Sydney every Wednesday and arrives in Adelaide every Thursday then arrives in Perth every Saturday.

Additionally, Is the Indian Pacific running now? The Indian Pacific has resumed service and is running as per the planned schedule. Guests travelling on our overnight rail journeys are required to have a negative rapid antigen test taken on the morning of departure.

How much does it cost to ride the Indian Pacific across Australia? The Indian Pacific u2013 Fares 2020 / 2021

THE INDIAN PACIFIC AUD $ Per person One Way HIGH SEASON 01 September 2020 to 27 October 2020 (eastbound) 02 September 2020 to 29 October 2020 (westbound)
Sydney u2013 Adelaide or vv $1,109.00
Adelaide u2013 Perth or vv $2,139.00
Sydney u2013 Perth or vv $2,899.00

Subsequently, How much does it cost to go on the Indian Pacific train? 2022 FARES – INDIAN PACIFIC

Fare Jun – Jul Sept – Oct
Advance Purchase $4,225 $5,335
Everyday $4,675 $5,935
Flexible $5,155 $6,525
Advance Purchase $2,065 $2,695


How fast does the Indian Pacific train go?

Indian Pacific in numbers

Average length of train 774m (includes two locomotives and 30 carriages)
Average weight of train 1400 tonnes
Length of track 4,352km
Length of journey 65 hours Sydney to Perth – 4,352 km
Average speed of train 85km/hr (max speed 115km/hr)

How much does The Ghan train journey cost? 2022 FARES – THE GHAN

Advance Purchase $4,455 $4,855
Everyday $4,955 $5,395
Flexible $5,465 $5,935
Advance Purchase $2,165 $2,525

Whats better Ghan or Indian Pacific? The Ghan tends to appeal to younger passengers as there are active excursions available at each stop. The Indian Pacific attracts the most mature clientele while most Great Southern passengers are food and wine lovers.

How many passengers are on the Indian Pacific train? Number of carriages to increase

The additional carriages will extend the length of the train from 750 metres to around 880 metres, boosting the capacity to 260 passengers and crew.

Does the Indian Pacific train go through Kalgoorlie?

Travelling Perth to Sydney on the Indian Pacific your journey stops in Kalgoorlie, Adelaide, Broken Hill and the Blue Mountains.

What are the cabins like on The Ghan? Cabin Inclusions:

  • A ¾ size double bed ( 190cm x 100cm) and additional fold down upper berth (180cm x 77cm). …
  • Private en suite featuring a compact shower and toilet.
  • TV with DVD player.
  • Mini bar fridge with included beverages.
  • Power outlets in cabin.
  • In-cabin music channels and journey audio commentary available.

What is the best month to travel on The Ghan?

The best time to travel on The Ghan is the high season which runs from May to August. This is also the most popular time as the temperature in the desert is much cooler during the day, making off train excursions a more enjoyable experience.

What is the difference between gold and platinum on The Ghan? The Ghan Expedition: the difference between Gold and Platinum Service. Gold Service is a fully-inclusive experience, but Platinum adds space and finer touches.

What is the difference between platinum and gold on The Ghan?

The Ghan Expedition: the difference between Gold and Platinum Service. Gold Service is a fully-inclusive experience, but Platinum adds space and finer touches.

What do you wear to the Indian Pacific train?

What is the dress code for The Ghan, Indian Pacific and Great Southern? Smart casual attire is suggested for guests travelling in Platinum Service and Gold Service. Warm clothes are recommended for evenings onboard the train, as the air-conditioning can be cool.

Who owns The Ghan and Indian Pacific? Demand for experiential travel

Quadrant first invested in Great Southern Rail, the owner and operator of the Australia transcontinental Ghan and Indian Pacific rail businesses, in October 2016.

Who owns the Indian Pacific train? The Indian Pacific is considered to be one of the great rail journeys of the world. A one-way trip takes between 70.5 and 75 hours, depending on scheduling and daylight saving periods. The train currently has two classes, branded as Platinum and Gold Service.

Indian Pacific.

Current operator(s) Journey Beyond Rail Expeditions

Can you get off and on the Indian Pacific train?

While The Ghan, Indian Pacific, and Great Southern make a number of stops in regional and remote areas for Off Train Experiences and to pass other rail traffic, we are not able to offer the opportunity for guests to leave the journey at these locations.

Does the Indian Pacific stop at Katoomba? The Indian Pacific stops at Lithgow but not at Katoomba. You can end your journey there, and your checked luggage will be handled like at any major stop but from the forward luggage carriage, and it’ll be passed on from the onboard staff to the station staff.

How long does it take to get from Sydney to Perth on the Indian Pacific?

The Indian Pacific train journey takes 65 hours to travel from Sydney to Perth, broken up over 4 days and 3 nights.

Are meals included on The Ghan? All meals, both on the train and off-train dining experiences are included, as well as snacks in the lounge if you want a little extra. All drinks are covered, including beer, wine, spirits and soft drinks.

Is The Ghan train worth it?

Fantastic experience! We travelled from Adelaide to Alice Springs on the Ghan (Gold Class) and it was absolutely fantastic. Fascinating scenery (albeit a fair bit of same, same, same!!), wonderful meals, and a comfortable little cabin (with ensuite) which was converted to a two-bunk bedroom at night.

Do pensioners get a discount on the Indian Pacific? STATE SENIORS CARD HOLDERS

Australian State or Territory Seniors Card holders can save off the Standard Adult fare when travelling in Gold and Red Service on The Ghan, Indian Pacific or The Overland.

What is gold superior on The Ghan?

Gold Superior Features

Gold Superior cabins feature a ¾ size double bed plus an additional fold down upper berth, lounge area, TV and DVD player, mini-bar and en suite.

What is the best cabin on The Ghan? The most popular choice of accommodation on The Ghan and Indian Pacific, Gold Service Twin cabins have everything you need to make you feel right at home for the amazing experience that lies ahead.

Is platinum worth it on The Ghan?

A spokeswoman for GSR responded: “Platinum guests aboard The Ghan consistently provide an average 97% rating for our service and hospitality and a 93% rating for the food and beverages offered on board – truly world-class results.”

Can you see Ayers Rock from The Ghan? Seeing Uluru up close is a pilgrimage travellers cross the globe for and when you’re riding on The Ghan Expedition, it’s offered as an upgrade from Alice Springs. A scenic chartered flight can take you directly to Ayers Rock Airport, where you’ll land before travelling to the Mutitjulu Waterhole and Uluru by vehicle.

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