A: The Advance Reservation Period (ARP) for all classes of General Quota tickets is 120 days prior to the date of your journey. In the case of Tatkal and Premium Tatkal tickets, bookings are open only one day prior to the date of journey.

Additionally, How can I reserve a train seat online? Indian Railway Reservation on Paytm

  1. Select Source and Destination cities, Date of the journey, then click “Search” button.
  2. Choose your train and check seat availability for the same.
  3. Select the seat, class and date that suit you the best.

Is reservation compulsory in train? Yes, the Railways is now giving passengers a chance to travel without reservation. You can travel on unreserved tickets in general coaches.

Subsequently, Is waiting ticket allowed in train 2021? As per the SOP, fully waiting list tickets are not being permitted to travel by train and enter into the stations. The Unreserved Tickets (UTS) are now being permitted for travel in these trains only on which such unreserved journey has been permitted.


Is waiting ticket valid now?

Nowadays, Indian Railways is doling out only as many tickets as there are seats. It is also practicing Crowd control to prevent the spread of infection. In such a situation, if you have a waiting ticket for the journey, then the railway can charge you a fine.

What is RLWL railway? What is RLWL or Remote Location Waiting List? Under remote location waiting list, which is also known as RLWL category of Indian Railways, train tickets are issued to railway passengers for intermediate railway stations (that means between the originating station and the terminating station).

What is GNWL railway? GNWL: General Waiting List (GNWL) waitlisted tickets are issued after the passengers cancel their confirmed bookings. This is the most common type of waiting list and has got the highest chances of confirmation.

What is train sleeper class? Sleeper class: The sleeper class is the most common coach on IR, with ten or more SL coaches attached to a train rake. each coach with 9 bays. They are sleeping coaches with 6 (3+3) berths across the width and 2 (1+1) lengthwise in every bay, without air-conditioning.

Can I board train without reservation?

If reservation is required on days or by trains other than that originally arranged, fresh reservation tickets must be purchased. The reservation fee will be treated as part of fare if the passengers fail to avail themselves of seats or berths. 650.

Can we board train without reservation? Railways have recently introduced unreserved trains due to which passengers can travel without any reservation. These trains are being run as passenger specials. The Western Zone of the Railways has commenced operations of 33 unreserved trains.

Can I travel with RLWL ticket?

Can we travel in train if the ticket is in RLWL? Yes you can travel only if the ticket is not booked online. You can travel if you have a waitlisted ticket from PRS counter. But you will not get a seat there.

Is waiting list passengers allowed in train? They are not allowed to board the train. If detected traveling in the train, they shall be treated as passenger traveling without ticket as per extant Railway Rules.

Is 2s waiting ticket allowed in train?

Only one requisition form is accepted from a person at one time. However, if onward/return journey are involved, 2 or 3 forms can be accepted for the same passengers. Accommodation will not be reserved without purchase of necessary journey ticket.

How many WL tickets get confirmed?

Green: More than 75% chances of getting the waitlisted tickets confirmed. Orange: 40-75% chances of getting the waitlisted tickets confirmed. Red: Less than 40% chances of getting the waitlisted tickets confirmed.

What if WL ticket is not confirmed? If your ticket remains fully waitlisted after chart preparation, it will be canceled automatically and your money will be refunded into the account which was used at the time of booking.

What if I travel without ticket in train? If you are caught travelling without a ticket on Indian Railways, you’ll face a penalty. You will be asked to pay a minimum fine of ₹ 250, along with the cost of the ticket for the distance you have travelled.

Can we travel in RLWL ticket?

Can we travel in train if the ticket is in RLWL? Yes you can travel only if the ticket is not booked online. You can travel if you have a waitlisted ticket from PRS counter. But you will not get a seat there.

What is difference between WL and RLWL? The main difference between the two is mainly the chance of getting confirmation for either. Chances will be higher if you get on the WL rather than when you get an RLWL ticket, because the majority of passengers on the train do not have Reserved Location tickets; hence, cancellations will be few.

Can I travel with RLWL ticket in sleeper class?

You can travel with an RLWL ticket only in sleeper class but you will not get a berth. If berths are available after charting then TTE can give you berth.

What is PQWL and RLWL? PQWL – Under Pooled Quota Waitlist, passengers travelling between intermediate stations and have a separate waitlist from the general waitlist. 8. RLWL – A Remote Location Waitlist has high chances of confirmation.

Which is better RAC or GNWL?

If tatkal ticket goes up, it directly gets confirmed and doesn’t go through RAC status unlike GNWL. During chart preparation, general waiting list (GNWL) is preferred over tatkal waiting list (TQWL) therefore tatkal waitlisted tickets are less likely to get confirmed.

Are blankets provided in sleeper class? 1. Bed rolls comprising of one blanket, one pillow, 2 bed sheets and one face towel, are supplied free of cost to all passengers traveling by AC First Class, AC 2-tier sleeper and AC 3-tier sleeper classes including those boarding from intermediate stations.

What is meant by 3A in train?

Third AC or AC 3-tier (3A)

This is the most common and most preferred class of travel by the Indian middle class passengers. Third AC Sleeper has 8 berths in each compartment.

What is the meaning of 2S in train? 2S refers to second seating or second seater in train seats. The seats are present in the form of benches. This coach does not have the facility for the passengers to sleep since there are no berths and it is a sitting arrangement.

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