How much is shuttle from Cancun to Tulum?

How to get from Cancun to Tulum

Rental Car 1.5 hours $25-45 (Per day)
Shared Shuttle 2.5 to 3 hours $25-40
ADO Bus 2.5 to 4 hours $15
Taxi Cab 1.5 hours $100

• 3 mars 2022

Additionally, How much is a bus from Cancun to Tulum? A one-way ticket on the Ado bus Cancun to Tulum will cost you 262 pesos (~ 13.70 USD), and the road trip takes roughly 2 hours and 5 minutes.

How much is an uber from Cancun to Tulum? I’ve been told that Uber has started operating again in the Cancun area, and an UberX ride from Cancun Airport to Tulum will cost you an estimate of $50.

Subsequently, Can you uber from Cancun to Tulum? Unfortunately, there is no Uber in Cancun, which unfortunately means it’s not possible to get an Uber from Cancun Airport to Tulum or Playa del Carmen.


Can to Tulum shuttle?

When you choose our service of Shuttle from Cancun to Tulum, you can enjoy the following benefits: Professional bilingual driver in your Airport Cancun to Tulum Shuttle.

Departing Cancun International Airport (CUN)
Rates From $70 USD
Destination Tulum
Distance 81.46 Mi (118 Km)
Schedule 24 hours by booking in advance.

How do I get from Cancun to Tulum by bus? There is no non-stop bus from Cancun to Tulum. One must take the ADO line (or an alternate line) to Playa del Carmen and it costs 120 pesos. Next, take a bus to Tulum from Playa del Carmen (a first class bus may take longer, so a second class bus for 55 pesos works well).

Are ADO buses safe? ADO buses are one of the safest ways to travel in Mexico.

Most importantly, ADO buses travel on toll roads whenever possible.

Is it safe to drive from Cancun airport to Tulum? What is this? Yes, it is safe to travel from Cancun to Tulum. The road is regularly maintained and the buses are clean and well equipped with air conditioning. Be aware of petty theft in the area and take any necessary precautions as you would normally do when you travel.

Is Tulum better than Cancun?

To sum it up, both Cancun and Tulum have great white sand beaches and turquoise water. However, Cancun has undoubtedly the bluest water of the entire Riviera Maya and for that reason, if you want to swim in incredibly blue water, the hotel zone in Cancun has the better beaches.

Can you fly from Cancun to Tulum? Cancun to Tulum Flights

Whether you’re looking for a grand adventure or just want to get away for a last-minute break, flights from Cancun to Tulum offer the perfect respite.

How do I get from Cancun to Tulum?

The cheapest way to get from Cancun to Tulum is by the ADO bus. There are only two rides per day heading to Tulum directly. However you can just hop on the ADO bus to Playa del Carmen, which is more frequent, and then from Playa del Carmen to Tulum will be easy wither by ADO or Colectivo.

How long is shuttle from Cancun airport to Tulum? Shuttle, Taxi & Transfers from Cancun Airport to Tulum – Schedules, prices, and Information Sheet

Departure from: Cancun International Airport (CUN)
Destination: Any destination in Tulum
Price: $69.50 USD
Trip Duration: 2 hour 20 minutes
Distance: 73.5 miles (118.3 km)

Do you have to fly into Cancun to get to Tulum?

There have been talks of building another airport in Tulum but this is years off. So Cancun International Airport is where all tourist fly into when visiting Tulum.

How much does it cost to drive from Cancun to Tulum?

It’s around $14.50 USD and the journey time is approximately 2 hours depending on traffic conditions. Keep in mind that you’ll need to budget for an additional short taxi ride if your accommodation isn’t within walking distance from the ADO bus station. Can you take an Uber from Cancun to Tulum?

Where do you catch the bus to Tulum? Getting from Playa Del Carmen to Tulum

The bus station is located on 5th Ave. and Benito Juarez. The buses to Tulum depart from Playa del Carmen every day from 8am-12:30pm (check bus schedule before departing). A one way ticket cost $66 pesos.

How much is an uber from Tulum to Cancun airport? I’ve been told that Uber has started operating again in the Cancun area, and an UberX ride from Cancun Airport to Tulum will cost you an estimate of $50.

Are buses in Cancun safe?

Riding the bus in Cancun is safe, convenient, and is the most common form of transportation. If you’re staying in Cancun, forget about renting a car or even taking a taxi. Just take a quick Airport Transfer to your hotel and back and while you’re in Cancun, just ride the bus around – it’s so easy you’ll be amazed.

Where is the ADO bus at Cancun airport? Once you passed thru the baggage carrousel and Customs you will find the « ADO » stand (ADO is the bus company name), right where the taxi booths are located. ADO booths are found in the three airport terminals in Cancun: passengers don’t need to move from one building to another to take the Bus.

Do ADO buses have wifi?

There is an open WIFI NETWORK on the bus ;however, that network is NOT connected to the internet. They do have USB ports and AC outlets to charge your phones and PCs though. over a year ago.

How many days do you need in Tulum? While a lot can be seen in just a day or even in 36 hours in Tulum, I recommend a minimum of at least three days. These three days should be ideal for experiencing Tulum’s vibrant culture, upscale nightlife, and most of the famous cenotes, ruins, and beaches. Once here, you’re not going to want to leave – trust me.

Are there checkpoints from Cancun to Tulum?

Along the way, you may see military or police checkpoints (there is one just south of Cancun, and another just south of Playa del Carmen, and in Tulum, and at busy times of year the military set up random vehicle checkpoints along the roads).

What’s cheaper Tulum or Cancun? Generally, Cancun is cheaper than Tulum. Tulum is one of the most expensive parts of Mexico; however, it is possible to visit both destinations on a small budget. If you spend long enough in Mexico, you can pick up some great bargains on accommodation.

How safe is Tulum for tourists?

According to OSAC (Overseas Security Advisory Council), Tulum is moderately safe to visit and travelers should exercise increased caution in the area. Their advisories include concerns such as cartel activity, Covid-19, contaminated water, and natural disasters.

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