Yes, ferries take cards or they are charged automatically through Autopass (your rental car will have a toll tag). Count around NOK 100-150 per crossing excluding the Geiranger-Hellesylt ferry as this is a tourist ferry and not one part of the road network.

How much do ferries cost in Norway? Ferry and car ferry prices

Car ferry prices in Norway vary on different routes. Most 20-40min ferry crossings cost around 150-200 NOK/ 15-20 EUR for a car including a driver, and around 40-70 NOK/ 4-7 EUR per adult and 20-35 NOK/ 2-4 EUR per child. Some ferries are a bit cheaper, some – more expensive.

Then, How long is ferry from Norway to Denmark? Ferries to Norway from Denmark

17 hours 15 minutes. Operated by DFDS Seaways daily departures.

Is there a ferry from the Netherlands to Norway? Holland Norway Lines is the first cruise-ferry company to sail across the North Sea between Eemshaven and Kristiansand. We offer an affordable, sustainable and seamless cruise-ferry transportation with an absolute commitment to safety and reliability.


How do I get to Norway by boat?

A further option is a ferry from Kiel to Oslo via the Stena Line, this is usually pricier and a 20 hour sailing time making it almost a mini cruise.

Which ferries sail from Hirtshals, Denmark to Norway?

Departing Hirtshals
Arriving Stavanger
Company Fjordline
Daily Times 20:00
Duration 10h 30m

• 14 sept. 2018

Is anything cheap in Norway? Traveling in Norway can be expensive if you only eat out

It’s no secret that Norway is an expensive country to visit. Even though it’s less expensive now that the Norwegian Krone is weak, it’s not cheap. One way to avoid spending too much money during your travels in Norway is to eat less at restaurants.

How much is a can of Coke in Norway? Norway – Coca-Cola – price, March 2021

Norway – Coca-Cola – price, March 2021
NOK 22.900
USD 2.558
EUR 2.340

Can I visit Norway without quarantine? No testing, no quarantining, no registration! As of February 12, 2022, all COVID-19 entry requirements have been lifted for all travellers to Norway. It is now super easy to travel to Norway, and we have lots of space!

Is there a ferry from Germany to Norway?

There is currently just the 1 ferry route running between Germany and Norway operated by 1 ferry company – Color Line. The Kiel to Oslo ferry crossing operates weekly with a scheduled sailing duration from about 20 hours.

Is there a train from Denmark to Norway? Is there a direct train between Denmark and Norway? No, there is no direct train from Denmark to Norway. However, there are services departing from København H and arriving at Oslo S via Göteborg Centralstation. The journey, including transfers, takes approximately 8h 29m.

Is there a ferry from Gothenburg to Norway?

No ferries between Gothenburg and Bergen. The only option for ferry travel would be ferry (Stena Line) from Gothenburg to Frederikshavn (Denmark), train to Hjorring, change to another train to Hirtshals and ferry from there (Fjord Line) to Bergen.

Is there a ferry from UK to Denmark? Although we no longer offer ferries to Denmark from the UK directly, there are still a number of convenient ways to get to Scandinavia from the UK using our other routes. DFDS offer a number of North Sea passenger ferry routes, including three crossings to Scandinavia.

Is there a ferry from Amsterdam to Norway?

DFDS has one of the largest ferry networks in Europe, with routes operating to Denmark, Norway, the UK, mainland Europe and even the Baltic regions, including major cities such as Copenhagen, Oslo and Amsterdam.

How do you get to Norway from UK without flying?

UK to Norway without flying…

Or travel by Eurostar and onward trains from London to Hamburg, staying there overnight, take a train to Frederikshavn next morning then the comfortable overnight ferry to Oslo. Or you can take a train to Kiel in Germany then the luxurious Color Line ferry to Oslo, sailing up Oslo Fjord.

Can I get a ferry from the UK to Scandinavia? The only direct route from the UK to Norway is Immingham to Brevik with DFDS. There are two crossings per week with each crossing taking from 26 hours, depending on the time of departure.

Do you tip in Norway? Tipping in Norway is optional, as gratuity is usually worked into the final price of things.

What is the minimum wage in Norway?

Minimum 196,04 Norwegian kroner (NOK) per hour. Under 18 years of age: 146,27 NOK. Supplement for work between 21.00 and 06.00: 27 NOK per hour. Skilled workers: Minimum 220 NOK per hour.

Are Norwegians friendly to tourists? The study shows that Norwegians are predominantly opposed to allow tourists enter Norway, except from visitors from Denmark where 44% Norwegians support Danish tourists to visit. The Norwegians’ least wanted tourists are on the other hand Americans, Chinese and Swedes where respectively 77%, 73% and 73% oppose.

Is Norway cheaper than England?

United Kingdom is 9.5% more expensive than Norway.

Does Norway have free healthcare? Norway has universal health coverage, funded primarily by general taxes and by payroll contributions shared by employers and employees. Enrollment is automatic. Services covered include primary, ambulatory, mental health, and hospital care, as well as select outpatient prescription drugs.

How long after Covid Can you fly?

Do not travel until a full 5 days after your last close contact with the person with COVID-19. It is best to avoid travel for a full 10 days after your last exposure.

Does Norway border Russia? It further consists of a border between the two countries’ exclusive economic zones (EEZ) in the Barents Sea and the Arctic Ocean. Between 1944 and 1991 the border was between Norway and the Soviet Union .

Norway–Russia border
Entities Norway Russia
Length 195.7 km (121.6 mi)
Established 1826 Border treaty


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