The total cost of driving from Perth, Australia to Sydney, Australia (one-way) is $524.89 at current gas prices. The round trip cost would be $1,049.78 to go from Perth, Australia to Sydney, Australia and back to Perth, Australia again. Regular fuel costs are around $5.37 per gallon for your trip.

How much does the Indian Pacific train cost? The Indian Pacific – Fares 2020 / 2021

THE INDIAN PACIFIC AUD $ Per person One Way HIGH SEASON 01 September 2020 to 27 October 2020 (eastbound) 02 September 2020 to 29 October 2020 (westbound)
Sydney – Perth or vv $2,899.00
Sydney – Adelaide or vv $2,129.00
Adelaide – Perth or vv $4,089.00

How many days does it take to drive from Perth to Sydney? You’ll need 10 days for the journey, to ensure you have time to explore plenty along the way.

Then, How do I plan a road trip from Sydney to Perth? Sydney to Perth road trip planner

  1. 6:24 pm Hay. stay overnight and leave the next day around 10:00 am. …
  2. 4:33 pm Barossa Valley Wine Region. stay overnight and leave the next day around 10:00 am. …
  3. 6:36 pm Ceduna. stay overnight and leave the next day around 10:00 am. …
  4. 6:41 pm Cocklebiddy. …
  5. 3:57 pm Norseman.


Can u drive from Perth to Sydney?

By Car. The only manageable way of driving between Sydney and Perth is to take your time and make it into a once-in-a-lifetime road trip. Many travelers do choose to go overland, because there’s so much to see on the way.

How long is the Indian Pacific train trip? Indian Pacific in numbers

Average length of train 774m (includes two locomotives and 30 carriages)
Average weight of train 1400 tonnes
Length of track 4,352km
Length of journey 65 hours Sydney to Perth – 4,352 km
Average speed of train 85km/hr (max speed 115km/hr)

How much is a journey on the Ghan? The Ghan – Fares 2020 / 2021

THE GHAN AUD $ Per person One Way HIGH SEASON 03 May 2020 to 31 August 2020 (Northbound only)
Adelaide – Alice Springs or vv $1,599.00 $1,269.00
Alice Springs – Darwin or vv $1,599.00 $1,269.00
Adelaide – Darwin or vv $2,779.00 $2,229.00

How long does the Indian Pacific take to get from Perth to Sydney? The Indian Pacific train journey takes 65 hours to travel from Sydney to Perth, broken up over 4 days and 3 nights.

How far is Perth to Sydney by plane?

Flight facts

Average direct flight time 4 hours and 15 minutes
Average distance by plane 3290 km
Departure airport Perth Airport (PER)
Arrival airport Sydney Airport (SYD)
Aircraft Airbus A320-200

Is there a speed limit on the Nullarbor? The maximum speed limit on the Eyre Highway (A1) across the Nullarbor Plain is 110 KM. Just because this is desert and there are no civilisations around, don’t think that you can drive as fast as you can above the speed limit. There are highway patrols across the Nullarbor at various places.

Where do you stop driving from Sydney to Perth?

Best stops along Sydney to Perth drive. The top stops along the way from Sydney to Perth (with short detours) are Australian War Memorial, Melbourne Cricket Ground, and Stop 17 Moseley Square. Other popular stops include Sovereign Hill, Taronga Western Plains Zoo, and Peninsula Hot Springs.

How far is Perth from Sydney by plane? The average flight time for direct flights from Perth to Sydney is 4 hours and 15 minutes. The average distance by plane from Perth to Sydney is 3290 kilometres.

Can I drive from WA to NSW?

Entering NSW from interstate

There are no longer any restrictions on interstate travel to NSW, however there are other rules in place that you must follow while in NSW.

Is Sydney near Perth?

The total driving distance from Perth, Australia to Sydney, Australia is 2,445 miles or 3 935 kilometers. The total straight line flight distance from Perth, Australia to Sydney, Australia is 2,049 miles. This is equivalent to 3 297 kilometers or 1,780 nautical miles.

Where does Perth stop in Sydney? Where should I stop along the way?

  • Norseman.
  • Cocklebiddy.
  • Ceduna.
  • Port Augusta.
  • Barossa Valley Wine Region (2 mentions)
  • Hay (2 answers)

How often does the Indian Pacific leave Sydney? Timetables >Indian Pacific Timetables

The Indian Pacific Train runs weekly, it travels from Sydney (via Adelaide) to Perth and vice versa. It departs Sydney every Wednesday and arrives in Adelaide every Thursday then arrives in Perth every Saturday.

Is Indian Pacific better than Ghan?

The Ghan tends to appeal to younger passengers as there are active excursions available at each stop. The Indian Pacific attracts the most mature clientele while most Great Southern passengers are food and wine lovers.

How many passengers are on the Indian Pacific train? Number of carriages to increase

The additional carriages will extend the length of the train from 750 metres to around 880 metres, boosting the capacity to 260 passengers and crew.

Is The Ghan expensive?

It is expensive about $500 US per person per day or a total of about $3000 US for two people for three days. However, if you factor in the alternative (airfare to and from Alice Springs, two nights’ accommodations and 4-star dining for three days) it’s not entirely unreasonable.

What are the cabins like on The Ghan? Cabin Inclusions:

  • A ¾ size double bed ( 190cm x 100cm) and additional fold down upper berth (180cm x 77cm). …
  • Private en suite featuring a compact shower and toilet.
  • TV with DVD player.
  • Mini bar fridge with included beverages.
  • Power outlets in cabin.
  • In-cabin music channels and journey audio commentary available.

What is the best month to travel on The Ghan?

The best time to travel on The Ghan is the high season which runs from May to August. This is also the most popular time as the temperature in the desert is much cooler during the day, making off train excursions a more enjoyable experience.

Does the Indian Pacific stop at Katoomba? The Indian Pacific stops at Lithgow but not at Katoomba. You can end your journey there, and your checked luggage will be handled like at any major stop but from the forward luggage carriage, and it’ll be passed on from the onboard staff to the station staff.

Can I put my car on the Indian Pacific?

Indian Pacific Car Transport Does It All For Car Transport

By choosing to move your vehicle with Indian Pacific Car Transport you can be sure that you will get the most convenient, dependable service at the best price possible.

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