How long is the ferry from Mykonos to Naxos?

How long is the ferry ride from Mykonos to Naxos? The ferry ride is around 40 minutes. The duration of the ferry trip also depends on the type of vessel and its scheduled itinerary.

Additionally, Is Naxos better than Paros? Paros has better nightlife (though not too wild) and feels a little trendier with more shopping and boutique hotels. Naxos has just a little nightlife but more historic churches and archaeological sites. Paros has better public transportation linking its main villages to nearby beaches.

How long is the ferry ride from Santorini to Naxos? Naxos from Santorini Ferry Duration

On average, ferries can take anywhere between 1 hour 10 minutes with Seajets, and 2 hours and 15 minutes with Blue Star Ferries, so be sure to check before you travel what your expected sail time will be.

Subsequently, Does Naxos have sandy beaches? Beaches in Naxos Greece are different than the beaches in other islands of the Cyclades, due to their characteristic length. Most of them have soft white sand and crystal blue waters. The most beautiful sandy beaches are located on the western side of the island, which is also the most touristy developed part.


How long is the ferry from Paros to Naxos?

The Paros to Naxos ferry duration is 1 hr on average.

Which Greek island is Mamma Mia set on? In the original “Mamma Mia,” the Greek island of Skopelos played the fictional island of Kalokairi. But to shoot “Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again,” filmmakers turned to the island of Vis, off the coast of Croatia.

Can you do a day trip from Santorini to Naxos? You can go on a one-day trip from Santorini to Naxos daily with at least 5 ferry crossings. The earliest ferry from Santorini to Naxos departs at 06:45 from the port of Athinios, arriving around 08:15 in Naxos. Both high-speed ferries and conventional vessels are operating on this route.

Is there a ferry from Santorini to Naxos? Yes. You can travel with a high-speed ferry from Santorini to Naxos. The fastest ferry from Santorini to Naxos takes about 1 hr 20 min.

Which one is the most beautiful Greek island?


I’m pretty sure Santorini is the most famous and possibly the most beautiful islands in Greece.

Can you get a boat to Naxos from Santorini? Traveling from Santorini to Naxos by ferry

The ferry route Santorini-Naxos normally lasts from 1 hour to 4 hours and the ticket cost is around 20€ for a conventional ferry and 43€ for a high-speed one.

How many days do you need in Naxos?

To visit the island, you should spend at least 3 days in Naxos. You will have time to relax at the beach, discover picturesque villages and even do a boat-trip around the island. Of course, you can spend 4, 5 days or more and enjoy relaxing holidays!

Which island has the best beaches in Greece? The Greek island with the best sandy beaches is Crete . It has the most diverse sandy beaches overall and some of the best beach hotels in Greece. Paros island, Naxos, and Milos also have incredible sandy beaches.

The best greek islands for beaches are:

  • Mykonos.
  • Naxos.
  • Crete.
  • Corfu.
  • Skiathos.
  • Milos.
  • Ios.
  • Paros.

What is Naxos known for?

Naxos is well known for its long white sandy beaches (Agios Prokopios, Plaka), for its ideal wind conditions for windsurfing and kitesurfing (Mikri Vigla, Laguna), for the wonderful quality of the local agricultural products (potatoes and the cheese like arseniko, anthotiro), the impressive Portara (trademark of the …

Does Naxos have nice beaches?

Naxos is surrounded by wonderful beaches. The best beaches are generally on the west coast and tend to get prettier, quieter, and have better sand the farther south you travel. Staying in Naxos Town (for the restaurants, shopping, and nightlife) and visiting the nearby beaches through the day is easy to do.

How long is ferry from Santorini to Paros? The ferry route Santorini-Paros normally lasts from 2 hours to 4 hours and the ticket cost starts from 20€. Check our summary with the latest data for ferries.

Is Naxos a touristy? Naxos Town certainly caters to tourists. There you’ll find all the ubiquitous excursion companies and souvenir stores. But Naxos is FAR less touristy than neighboring islands like Santorini and Mykonos. Of course, to be fair, it’s definitely a bit more touristy than less-visited islands like Milos or Symi.

Can you do a day trip to Naxos from Paros?

Day trip to Naxos

The stunning island of Naxos is a hugely popular day trip for tourists from Paros island.

Who is Sophie’s dad? The entire plot of the first Mamma Mia! film is that no one has any idea who Sophie’s dad is, and the second film follows Young Donna as she (offscreen) has sex all three possibilities. Well, I’m pleased to say, I figured out who the real dad actually is: Bill (Stellan Skarsgård).

Can you go to the Mamma Mia island?

Most of the outdoor scenes in « Mamma Mia! » were filmed on-location at various beaches and towns on the island of Skopelos, which is located off the coast of Greece in the Aegean Sea. You can’t fly directly to the island, but you can book a flight to the nearby Skiathos Island and then take a ferry.

Is there a Greek island called Kalokairi? Skopelos doubles as Kalokairi, the island in the first « Mamma Mia! » movie starring Meryl Streep and Amanda Seyfried. The 37-square-mile island is in the Aegean Sea off the coast of mainland Greece and is part of the Sporades island group.

Which island is better Crete or Santorini?

Crete has more small traditional (non-touristy) villages. Santorini is more romantic and better suited to a honeymoon. Santorini has better and more unique luxury hotels. Both Santorini and Crete have a longer tourism season than most Greek islands.

How far is Mykonos from Santorini by ferry? The distance between the new port of Mykonos and the port of Athinios in Santorini is 64 nautical miles (around 118km).

How long is the ferry ride from Naxos to Santorini?

How long is the ferry ride from Naxos to Santorini? The Naxos to Santorini ferry duration ranges from approximately 1 hr 20 min to 2 hr 20 min. The travel time varies, depending on weather conditions, the type of vessel and the itinerary.

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