How long does it take for a Tim SIM card to activate?

It will take up to 48 hours for the SIM card to activate and for you to start using the data and coverage of your Italian phone plan!

Additionally, Does Tim work in Europe? Specifically, TIM offers a plan for foreigners, called TIM International 1000 Super for €19.99 (€9.99 for the plan +€10 for the SIM card). The plan offers 1000 minutes talk time, of which you can have 600 minutes in Italy and 400 minutes in other EU countries, or all 1000 minutes in Italy.

Can I use my Tim SIM card in another country? It will be « valid » in the sense that it will work in Greece (or indeed, any country) – provided that you have activated « roaming » – but it will of course still have an Italian number.

Subsequently, What countries does Tim work in? 3G 42.2 Mbit/s is available in 4,282 cities (84.2%). TIM sponsors Serie A. TIM has a subsidiary in Brazil, known as TIM Brasil, with 72.6 million customers.


Type Subsidiary
Headquarters Rome, Italy
Area served Italy
Products Mobile telephony
Parent Gruppo TIM


Does Tim work in Switzerland?

For roaming in Switzerland and Monaco TIM offers TIM in Viaggio Full with 500 MB at €3 per day. To activate, text ‘VIAGGIOFULL ON’ to 40916. For Switzerland alone there is TIM Opzione Svizzera with 500 minutes and 5 GB data for €5 a month.

Which SIM card is best in Italy? The best sim card in Italy for tourists is an Iliad sim card by far! They offer the best value for money and cover every tourist destination in Italy with a 4G signal. However, Iliad stores and resellers are hard to find around Italy.

Can I use my US cell phone in Italy? First, let’s clear up a little misunderstanding many people have about their phones in Italy: Almost all of your cell phones should work. Yes, even American cell phones. To make sure, check to see if your cell phone supports GSM 900 and GSM 1800 frequencies.

Is there a SIM card that works all over the world? International SIM cards (sometimes called “travel SIM cards”) aren’t tied to a specific country or group of nations, but allow you to use your phone all around the world — for a price. There are several of these cards on the market, each with different plans and pricing.

Does Tim work in London?

Reply yes to this text message and only 20 euros active Tim on the move. For 30 days you have: 10 gig, up to 500 minutes (250 to call + 250 to receive) and 500 sms to use in europe and usa.

What is Tim sparkle? Sparkle is a leading global service provider offering a full range of ICT solutions, global connectivity, services and capabilities designed to meet the fast changing needs of Enterprises, Internet Service Providers, OTTs, Media & Content Players, Application Service Providers as well as Fixed and Mobile Operators.

Does Tim work in France?

1. Re: Can I use my TIM SIM from Italy on my next trip to France? Normally if you don’t use a SIM for 6 months from last use it will lapse. Otherwise the SIM will work throughout the EU.

Does Tim work in UK? Reply yes to this text message and only 20 euros active Tim on the move. For 30 days you have: 10 gig, up to 500 minutes (250 to call + 250 to receive) and 500 sms to use in europe and usa.

Does Tim work in Austria?

But yes. 2. Re: TIM Tourist for Italy and Austria? ‘Internet traffic (GPRS / EDGE / UMTS / HSPA / LTE) included in the offer is valid for Internet browsing in Italy and EU countries on all APNs (, and ).

Is there a lot of WiFi in Italy?

On top of that, Internet speed in Italy is amongst the slowest in Europe, with an average speed of 8.5Mbit/s in download and 2.0Mbit/s in upload. Less than 1% of the population has access to fibre optic connection, and more often than not in hotels, one modem is shared among all guests.

Which network is best in Italy? Vodafone is the winner of the 4G Availability award and it saw the largest improvement in 4G Availability since our previous report.

How do I get internet in Italy? How to get Wifi in Italy?

  1. Data roaming in Italy. You can continue to use your usual mobile phone plan abroad to make calls and to use your favorite apps on your smartphone. …
  2. Enjoy public Wi-Fi in Italy. …
  3. Buy a SIM Card. …
  4. Rent a pocket wifi for Italy.

Is there free WIFI in Italy?

Italy offers wifi in most places, but the free wifi is not always quick or suitable for social media or video calls. Hotels and Airbnbs are the safest place to guarantee a free, fast internet. Some restaurants and cafes have free wifi that is good, but probably not as fast as what you are used to at home.

How do you call someone from Italy? How to Call Italy From the US

  1. First, dial 011, the US exit code.
  2. Next, dial 39, Italy’s country code.
  3. Then, dial the 2-4 digit area code.
  4. Finally, dial the 8-10 digit phone number.

What should Tourist wear in Italy?

Skirts, capris, or (dressy) shorts are essential; a nice top or a dressy blouse and a hat will complete the look. Choose light colored clothing to avoid scorching in the blaring heat. Cotton, linen, and rayon fabrics are best. If you go to the seaside, pack a colorful bikini.

Which is the best SIM in the world? #1 The Overall Best International SIM Card – OneSim

  • OneSimCard Universal ($29.95) – Coverage of over 200 countries but with a more limited data service (50+) countries.
  • OneSimCard Expedition ($34.95) – Offers much the same coverage as the OneSim Universal travel SIM but with way more data coverage.

Which international SIM is best?

12 Best International Sim Cards with Data

  • Orange Holiday World. The international sim card with data that covers EVERY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD. …
  • Discover Global E-Sim Card. …
  • Three UK – PAYG AIO20. …
  • Surfroam. …
  • Know Roaming. …
  • KeepGo. …
  • Travelsim. …
  • GigSky E-sim Card.

How do I get an international SIM card? Customers can contact 1800 102 9933 or visit the to get the new International SIM Card.

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