You can submit your mileage claim as long as it has been at least three days from the completed flight. It can take up to 10 days to credit the miles for an American Airlines flight. Remember, you can receive AAdvantage miles for flights taken on partner airlines.

Can I get points for past flights Delta? Delta makes it easy to request mileage credit for past flights using an online form. All you need is your SkyMiles account number, ticket number and flight information. To access the form, log in to your Delta SkyMiles account, go to your profile, click “My SkyMiles” and then click “Request Mileage Credit.”

Then, How do I collect Airmiles after purchase? If you’ve made a purchase at an AIR MILES® Partner or an online store through and the Miles still haven’t appeared in your Account(s), don’t worry. Requesting a missing Miles inquiry is simple.

How much is a United mile worth? United miles are worth about 1 cent each. This is lower than most airline miles.

How do United miles compare with other airlines?

Program Mile value
Hawaiian 1 cent.
JetBlue 1.5 cents.
Southwest 1.4 cents.
United 1 cent .


How long after a flight can you claim miles Delta?

You can submit a mileage claim if it has been at least seven days since the flight (some partner airlines take longer to process miles). If you’re requesting missing miles from a Delta flight, enter your SkyMiles number and ticket number (found on your boarding pass or on your ticket receipt) to submit the request.

How do I get a human at Delta? If you need to talk to a live person in Delta Airline, you need to dial 1 (802)-801-1212 (OTA No) or 1 (800) 221-1212. Select 5 in the first menu, 1 in the second menu, and 6 in the third menu. After that, you will be connected to a live customer representative of the Delta.

How do I see my SkyMiles history? The Insider statement email is a summary of your SkyMiles account activity that can be viewed at You receive an email at the beginning of each month reminding you to check your activity from the previous month.

How do I find out how many Air Miles I have? Log onto your account at and your current balance and the value of your Air Miles can be found at the top of the page. You will also receive an Air Miles Summary Statement every month, which shows how many Air Miles you have collected and from which partners.

What happened to my Air Miles?

As of April, LCBO officially dropped Air Miles as an in-store Partner after 23 long years. LCBO joins Rona, Lowe’s, and Rexall, which all exited the Air Miles program within the past two years – with the latter launching its own rewards program Be Well.

How do I redeem Air Miles? To use Miles instantly in-store, just show your AIR MILES Card at checkout and let the cashier know that you want to use your Cash Miles. Every 95 Cash Miles gets you $10 towards your purchases at select Partners.

What are JetBlue miles worth?

Based on our analysis, we value JetBlue points at 1.5 cents each. We true this value from real-world data, using hundreds of economy routes to analyze their fair value. In other words, you can expect to get 1.5 cents per JetBlue point by booking any given main cabin flight.

Can I sell my miles for cash? The short answer is – you can’t sell them. There are plenty of miles brokers on the internet, but it is against the terms and conditions of all frequent flyer programs to sell your miles, and airlines are very active in trying to hunt out people who are selling miles.

How much is 100k United miles worth?

TPG values United miles at 1.3 cents each, making this bonus worth $1,300.

Can I claim miles from 2 years ago?

Fortunately, most airlines allow you to retroactively credit flights to your mileage account up to 12 months after you’ve flown them. So if you’ve taken any flights in the past year, now is a great time to go back through your tickets and confirm that everything has been properly credited.

How much are Delta miles worth in cash? Delta SkyMiles are worth about 1.3 cents . This is higher than most airline miles.

How do Delta miles compare with other airlines?

Program Mile value
American 1.2 cents.
Delta 1.3 cents .
Frontier 0.7 cent.
Hawaiian 1 cent.

Do I get SkyMiles if I book through Expedia? Generally speaking, booking airfare with online travel agencies like Kayak, Orbitz, Expedia, and Priceline will still allow you to earn airline miles and elite-qualifying miles (EQMs) and elite-qualifying dollars (EQDs) – the building blocks toward ailrine status.

How can I speak to a live person at Delta?

You can now message Delta directly for all of your travel needs. To speak with a representative about a new or existing reservation, call 800-221-1212. If you are a Medallion® Member, check the Contact Us section in the Fly Delta mobile app for your dedicated phone line.

How do I speak to someone at Delta? Call Delta customer service on the phone

Want to speak with a live Delta agent about a reservation? Call the customer service number for Delta Air Lines at 800-221-1212. For SkyMiles-related questions, call 800-323-2323 and have your SkyMiles number handy.

Can I chat with a Delta representative?

All customers can chat with a Delta Virtual Assistant or a live Reservations specialist on to get quick answers to frequently asked questions by visiting our Need Help page. « Regardless of the innovative solutions we explore, our goal is always the same, » said Forbes-Roberts.

How do I look up past flights on Delta? Visit Delta’s website and click on “Travel Information” on the upper right corner. A drop-down menu will pop up; select “Itineraries & Check-In.” A new page will come up. Select the way you want to search for your old itinerary. You can search by confirmation number, credit or debit card number, or “eTicket” number.

How do I access my Delta SkyMiles account?

You can view your Delta SkyMiles® balance through your online account, at the top right side of the page. You can also visit or call Delta Airlines toll free at 1-800-323-2323.

How do I claim Delta SkyMiles? To claim milesopens in a new window, enter your unique certificate/redemption/claim code, name, email address, and SkyMiles number. The miles will be deposited into your account in 24–48 hours.


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