How far is Hydra from Athens?

The distance between Athens and Hydra Island is 78 km.

Additionally, How do I get to Bisti Beach? Getting to Bisti Beach

You will find the beach boat moored off the Hydra Harbour wall opposite the Cathedral Clock Tower. The times for the sailings to and from Bisti Beach, along with the ticket prices are shown on boards at the back of the boat.

How much time do you need in Hydra? The best period to visit Hydra is spring (especially Easter), as the beaches of the island are for sure not Hydra’s trump card, so one week is maybe a little too long. 3 days should be enough in order to get the spirit of the island.

Subsequently, How long is the ferry from Piraeus to Hydra? How long is the ferry ride from Athens (Piraeus) to Hydra? The Athens (Piraeus) to Hydra ferry duration is 1 hr 30 min on average.


How do I get from Hydra to Santorini?

There is no direct connection from Hydra (Station) to Santorini (Station). However, you can take the ferry to Piraeus, take the walk to Piraeus, then take the car ferry to Santorini. Alternatively, you can take a car ferry from Hydra (Station) to Santorini (Station) via Pireaus and Piraeus in around 10h 19m.

What do you do in a Hydra in the winter? Walking & Hiking. With no cars on Hydra, everyone walks everywhere. And hiking during the winter if you want to go to the furthest beaches is a must as the beach boats no longer run.

Is Aegina a touristy? The island of Aegina is one of the most popular tourist destinations as it is the closest island to Athens (only 16.5 nautical miles from the port of Piraeus).

When should I visit the Hydra? When to visit Hydra

Autumn can be a bit stormier but seas stay warm into October at around 23°C (73°F). Hydra’s location close to Athens means it sees visitors year-round, but winter is very quiet and many shops and restaurants close from November to March.

Can you fly from Athens to Hydra?

Flights near Hydra

The closest one is Athens International Airport « Eleftherios Venizelos », which receives both domestic and international flights all year round. Upon your arrival at the airport of Athens, you need to reach Piraeus port and embark on the ferry to Hydra.

How do you get to Hydra from UK to Greece? There are no flights to Hydra from abroad and the only way to reach the island is by ferry. For example, if you’re looking into how to get to Hydra from the UK, you’ll need to fly to Athens first and then take the ferry to Hydra.

How do you get around the Hydra?

No vehicles are permitted on Hydra island and locals tend to get around by using donkeys and mules. Your best options for getting around Hydra as a tourist are to either walk or take the water taxis.

How far is Hydra from Mykonos? The distance between Hydra (Station) and Mykonos is 165 km. How do I travel from Hydra (Station) to Mykonos without a car? The best way to get from Hydra (Station) to Mykonos without a car is to ferry and car ferry which takes 5h 28m and costs €65 – €220.

Where do ferries go from Hydra?

Hydra ferry port in Saronic Islands is served by a number of ferry routes with crossings to Piraeus, Ermioni, Poros (Saronic Islands), Porto Heli & Spetses available. With a selection of up to 22 Sailings Daily, the port of Hydra connects Saronic Islands with Athens, Greece.

How do I get from Crete to Hydra?

There is no direct connection from Crete to Hydra (Station). However, you can take the car ferry to Piraeus, take the walk to Piraeus, then take the ferry to Hydra. Alternatively, you can take a ferry from Heraklion to Hydra (Station) via Piraeus in around 11h 35m.

Is Hydra a nice island? Widely considered as one of the most beautiful islands in Greece, Hydra makes up part of the Saronic Islands and is one of the closest of its kind to Athens, taking only two hours to get there by ferry from Piraeus.

How do you travel around Hydra? The only way to reach Hydra is by ferry as the island doesn’t have an airport. Don’t worry though, getting to Hydra by ferry can be quite fun! Ferry travel is more comfortable as you can stroll around and breathe fresh air at the deck.

Where is Hydra island in Greece?

Hydra, Modern Greek Ídhra, dímos (municipality) and island of the Saronic group in the Aegean Sea, Attika (Modern Greek: Attikí) periféreia (region), central Greece. It lies just off the eastern tip of the Argolís peninsula of the Peloponnese and has a maximum length, northeast-southwest, of 13 miles (21 km).

Which is better Aegina or Hydra? Both islands have beautiful beaches, but Aegina is a larger island and has more sandy spots to escape the crowds. If you want to lay on a beach without another tourist in sight (yet still within walking distance of a taverna or two), find a remote part of Aegina to settle in to.

Why is Aegina so popular?

Aegina is an idyllic Greek island very close to Athens, thus a very popular destination for quick getaways. Belonging to the Saronic group of islands, Aegina Greece has many archaeological monuments, picturesque villages, and beautiful beaches!

Is Aegina expensive? Aegina is indeed one of the cheapest islands of Greece.

How do you get around on Hydra Greece?

On Hydra island, you won’t see any cars! Everyone uses their foot, boats or donkeys to get around the island. The cars ban, along with the elegant stone mansions of the island, create a charming atmosphere and make the island one of the most serene destinations near Athens.

Are there cars on Hydra? The island is easily accessible by boat or hydrofoil, however, there is a catch… Cars and motor vehicles in general are not allowed in the island by law. Residents and visitors can travel from the main town to the island’s beaches and other small villages by water taxi, donkey or on foot.

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