By Air: The Stavanger Airport is 20 minutes away from the main city with frequent flights to and from major cities in Norway. There is a shuttle service from the airport to the city. By Train: Getting to Stavanger by train is not only cheaper but also very scenic. The journey takes around 8 hours from the city of Oslo.

Is Stavanger better than Bergen? Bergen and Stavanger are similart in many ways, Bergen is bigger and has more, surroundings are also more exciting. Both towns sit on fjords, both are near iconic fjords. Lysefjord at Stavanger, and a number of great fjords around Bergen. For 1 crazy fjord Stavanger is easiest as it is closer to the city.

Consequently, How do you get from Pulpit Rock to Stavanger? Driving from Stavanger is the easiest and quickest way to reach the base of Pulpit Rock, a distance of 23 miles (36.5 km). The trip takes an hour and a half and with a ferry crossing connecting Stavanger to the town of Tau. Ferries depart frequently, take forty minutes to cross, and you buy your ticket on board.

How do I get from Bergen to Stavanger? The quickest way to get from Bergen to Stavanger is to fly which costs kr 450 – kr 1700 and takes 3h 7m. Is there a direct bus between Bergen and Stavanger? Yes, there is a direct bus departing from Bergen busstasjon and arriving at Stavanger bussterminal. Services depart every four hours, and operate every day.


Is Stavanger worth visiting?

One of the best places in Europe to visit for outdoor lovers, Stavanger also offers plenty of things to do in the city limits as well. In Stavanger you’ll find historical sites, museums, beautiful lake, trails, caves and iconic buildings from the 1800s.

Is Pulpit Rock a hard hike? Hiking Pulpit Rock was one of our bucket list hikes in Norway. It didn’t disappoint. There is little reason not to do the hike with easy travel options from Stavanger, the hike itself being of relatively short distance and of medium difficulty.

Why is Pulpit Rock so famous? It’s been made famous around the world thanks in part to social media platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube. Last year, the clifftop was featured in the sixth instalment of the Mission:Impossible franchise.

Can you drive up to Pulpit Rock? There are many hotels and lodging options in Stavanger, lots to see and do, and many nice restaurants as well. Good to know: You can easily visit Pulpit Rock from Stavanger as a day trip, especially now that the new tunnel makes it really simple to drive there with your own car.

Can you see the northern lights in Stavanger?

Stavanger is as far south as Scotland, so no northern lights likely there. The road to Øygardstøl, the starting point of the hike to Kjeragbolten, only opens in between mid april and mid May.

How difficult is Pulpit Rock Hike? 4-hour hike

The hike has an elevation gain of about 500 metres, and some sections are steep. As the hike is graded as medium difficulty, you should have some trekking experience in rough terrain before embarking on this trip. Summer at Preikestolen (the Pulpit Rock).

How do I get to Bergen Norway?

In addition to a large selection of direct flights to Bergen, you can also arrive by ferry or cruise, by train from Oslo or Flåm or by car along the scenic fjords and coast to Bergen. There is also a express bus from Stavanger. Bergen has a ferry connection to and from the Continent.

Can you see the northern lights from Stavanger? Stavanger is as far south as Scotland, so no northern lights likely there. The road to Øygardstøl, the starting point of the hike to Kjeragbolten, only opens in between mid april and mid May.

What is Stavanger Norway known for?

Stavanger is the oil capital of Norway.

The city has played an instrumental role throughout Norway’s oil and gas story. Arguably the biggest date in Norway’s recent history is the year 1963. That’s the date that the Norwegian Government declared sovereignty of the Norwegian continental shelf in the North Sea.

How do you pronounce Stavanger in Norwegian?

Has anyone ever died on Pulpit Rock? However, despite the limited precautionary measures, the Pulpit Rock has experienced very few fatalities. This is a fact, even though it is one of Norway’s most visited attraction.

Can you jump off Pulpit Rock? Climbing and cliff jumping aside, Pulpit Rock is an interesting and accessible destination for anyone looking to explore Lake Placid. It is a relatively short and pleasant paddle from the public boat launch on Mirror Lake Drive (off rt 86 – between Lake Placid and Mirror Lake).

Has anyone climbed pulpit?

The tourist icon « Pulpit rock » formation (Preikestolen) in Rogaland Norway saw it’s first complete climbing ascent on Monday the 13th of June 2016 by local climbers Jon Egil Auestad and Øyvind Salvesen.

Can you visit Pulpit Rock winter? Receiving over 300,000 visitors in peak season (April- October), the park stays open during winter for mountaineering and nordic skiing. Close to the town of Stavanger, it towers an impressive 604 metres over the Lysefjord (42-kilometre long fjord). Hiking routes to the summit start at Preikestolen Mountain Lodge.

Can you hike Preikestolen in December?

You can hike Preikestolen year-round. Note that, throughout the year, weather and trail conditions change a lot.

Where should I stay when hiking Pulpit Rock? The nearest places to stay are Preikestolen Fjellstue or Tau, for example, the Lilland Brewery Hotel. Add links!!! You can also stay overnight in Stavanger, where you can drive in the morning (it takes about 2 hours) or take a boat trip on the Lysefjord.

Is Tromsø worth visiting?

These activities include, but are not limited to, concerts, marathons, kayaking, sailing, and hiking. Experiencing the disorientating but beautiful midnight sun should be on everyone’s bucket list, and although it can take some time to fall asleep (bring a sleeping mask), it is something well worth visiting Tromsø for.

Is Norway cheaper than Iceland? Exchange rates vary, but at the time of writing most cost comparison websites consider Iceland to be more expensive than Norway. That being said, it’s very easy to spend a lot of money in Norway if you’re not careful. But in-country costs are not the only consideration.

What is the best month to see the Northern Lights?

Thanks to longer hours of darkness and clear night skies, December through March is usually the best time to observe this elusive natural phenomenon (though you can sometimes see the northern lights starting as early as August).


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