How do you dive in Similan Island?

To dive in the Similan Islands, it is advisable to book a Similan liveaboard trip because they’re pretty far out, and almost impossible to reach on a day trip. Many liveaboard companies in the area, combine a trip to the Similan islands with Surin Islands diving.

Additionally, How much does it cost to go to Similan Islands? A vacation to Similan Islands for one week usually costs around ฿37,151 for one person. So, a trip to Similan Islands for two people costs around ฿74,302 for one week. A trip for two weeks for two people costs ฿148,604 in Similan Islands.

How do I get to Richelieu Rock? How to get to Richelieu Rock. You can get to Richelieu Rock either by a liveaboard dive boat or a day trip dive boat. Most liveaboard trips are combined with trip trips to other dive sites such as Surin Islands and Similan Islands. The liveaboard trips are usually around 4 nights on board.

Subsequently, Is Similan Island worth visiting? A tour to the Similan Islands is a must-do for many visitors to Thailand. No wonder, because the Similan Islands with their white beaches and the breathtaking underwater world are unbeatable in Thailand. Especially for travelers from Khao Lak and Phuket a tour to these dream islands is really worth it.


What is the Similan Islands known for?

It’s best known as a diving and snorkeling destination, but the Similans’ scenic moorings have also become popular with the sailing fraternity. Every year, many yachts come to cruise the Similans during the northeast monsoon (November–May, with December–February being the peak of the high season).

Where is Similan Island Thailand? The Similan Islands (Thai: หมู่เกาะสิมิลัน, RTGS: Mu Ko Similan, Thai pronunciation: [mùː kɔ̀ʔ si. mi. lan], Malay: Pulau Sembilan) is an archipelago in the Andaman Sea off the coast of, and part of, Phang Nga Province in southern Thailand. It is the maritime border between India and Thailand.

How deep is Santa Rosa Wall Cozumel? With a depth ranging from 50 to 120 feet (15.24 meters to 36.6 meters), the Santa Rosa Wall is a good spot for both novice and experienced divers. Diving tours typically leave from Cancun or Cozumel, often visiting other dive sites including Tormentos Reef, Palancar Gardens, or La Herradura.

Where is Richelieu Rock located? Richelieu Rock (called Hin Plo Naam in Thai) is a dive site in Thailand in the Andaman Sea about 200 km northwest of Phuket. It is part of the Mu Koh Surin marine park although being about 18 km east of Surin Island.

How many Similan Islands are there?

Established as a national park in 1982, Similan Islands are an archipelago of 11 islands in the Andaman Sea, 70 km off the coast in Phang Nga Province.

Is Similan open? The Similan Islands are among the most popular destinations in Thailand, widely recognized for having the best diving spots and pristine beaches. The islands are usually open to tourism from October-May and are closed for the remaining months due to the monsoon season and to allow its nature to rehabilitate.

How do you get to Koh Lipe?

The only way you can reach Koh Lipe during the monsoon season is through a daily ferry coming Pak Bara pier in mainland Thailand.

  1. Ferry departs daily at 11:30am. Arrives Koh Lipe at around 1pm.
  2. If you’re coming in the beginning or end of low season, double check if there are more boats running!

Where is Paradise Reef Cozumel? In brief: Situated south of the Cruise Ship Pier. First reef entering Marine Park, popular second tank dive site.

Can you drink the water in Cozumel?

You can’t drink the water in Cozumel.

Tap water in Mexico is generally not drinkable for tourists, and is often a culprit in inconvenient gastro-intestinal illnesses while travelers are here on vacation. Stick with bottled water (even the locals often drink it), and try to keep your mouth closed in the shower, too.

How deep is the reef at Cozumel?

Cantrell Wall reef on Cozumel (66 – 100 feet)

Because of the strong currents a certain level of experience in diving is required. It is a very impressive but demanding dive site.

How far is Tiger Beach from Bimini? Shortly after our trip in 2002, Jim Abernethy discovered the now famous “Tiger Beach”. This is a shallow bank about 40 miles from Grand Bahama and throughout the year it is a very reliable area to find high numbers of Tiger Sharks.

Is Koh Lipe worth? Leopard sharks, whale sharks and devil rays, alongside many exotic fish, can be found in the island’s waters. This, coupled with its clear waters, make Koh Lipe worth visiting for anyone who enjoys snorkeling or scuba diving! You can find diving schools that organize trips on Sunrise and Pattaya beaches.

Is Koh Lipe safe?

Koh Lipe is generally a safe place to be. Be careful if you decide to walk around at night and always carry a flashlight with you. Even in Walking Street there’s no lights after the bars close and a few stray dogs might be quite intimidating. Due to the high number of boats, always snorkel only in the designated areas.

Can you walk around Koh Lipe? Koh Lipe is so small that you’re able to walk just about anywhere, there are plenty of “taxis” on the island.

Are there drug cartels in Cozumel?

While the drug cartels do have a grip on Mexico, Cozumel is impacted little by all of this and I consider it a very safe place. Any intelligent criminal is not going to do anything major on an island where it is difficult to escape.

Can I use US dollars in Cozumel? Cozumel’s official currency is the Mexican peso. Since the Mexican peso to U.S. dollar exchange rate fluctuates, American dollars are, however, widely accepted in Cozumel, though you may get change back in pesos. You also might get a better deal on goods and services if you pay in pesos.

Are there monkeys in Cozumel?

No monkeys in Cozumel. The mainland has them in the monkey reserve east of Cons.

Is Cozumel an island off Mexico? Cozumel, island in the Caribbean Sea, about 10 miles (16 km) off the eastern coast of the Yucatán Peninsula, in Quintana Roo estado (state), southeastern Mexico.

What does palancar mean?

Detailed Translations for palancar from Spanish to English

nácar: mother of pearl; pearl-shell.

What animals live in the Palancar Reef? And, as if that were not enough, among its natural treasures there are endemic species such as the splendid toadfish of Cozumel, giant anemones or fire coral. Besides, hawksbill turtles, green and spotted moray eels, eagle rays, angelfish, filefish, damselfish, butterflyfish,…

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