You can take a train from London Gatwick Airport (LGW) to Birmingham via London Victoria, Victoria station, Euston station, and London Euston in around 2h 17m. Alternatively, you can take a bus from London Gatwick Airport (LGW) to Birmingham via London Heathrow Airport T2 and T3 in around 5h 15m.

Additionally, How long was the coach journey from London to Birmingham? No booking fees

London to Birmingham journey information
Service numbers 400, 409, 422, 423, 550, 551
Fastest journey time 2hrs 55 mins
Cheapest price from £4.90
Distance (approx) 191km

What coaches go to Gatwick Airport? Getting to London Gatwick Airport by bus

National Express runs direct and low-cost services from over 70 locations across the UK. They also have a service that runs every 30 minutes from London Victoria Coach Station to London Gatwick Airport.

Subsequently, Where does the Megabus go from in Birmingham? Megabus stop (Birmingham) Megabus coaches stop at the bus stop on Brunel Street between Swallow Street and Navigation Street. In stark contrast to the fancy National Express coach station, the Megabus stop is just a basic bus stop on the street without anywhere to sit.


Are trains to Gatwick 24 hours?

Gatwick Express, Thameslink and Southern operate trains from London stations to London Gatwick Airport. They run every 15 minutes, 7 days a week.

Is the Gatwick shuttle free? The service operates 24-hours a day, although service levels are reduced to every 10 minutes between 23:00 and 06:00, with only one of the two guideway tracks being used. No fares are charged.

Is Gatwick Express still suspended? No Gatwick Express services will run until further notice, as a result on the ongoing impact of coronavirus isolation and sickness. Please use alternative Southern services to complete your journey.

How much is the train to Gatwick? Using Oyster & Visitor Oyster Cards to/from Gatwick – the key facts

London – Gatwick Airport comparison of fares 2020
Service Standard Adult Fare*
Gatwick Express Train (Ticket on day) £19.90 £38.90
Gatwick Express Train (Advance online) £17.80 £34.70
Gatwick Express Train (Oyster) £19.80 £39.60

Can you sleep in Gatwick Airport?

Gatwick Airport has some decent places to sleep overnight. Landside areas of both terminals seem to have the best options. In the south terminal, there are soft benches and armchairs, and in the north terminal there are comfortable seats on the lower level near the coffee shop.

How much is Gatwick flyer? Anytime Tickets

Ticket Type One-Way (Online) One-Way (At Station)
Adult £17.80 £19.90
Child £8.90 £9.95
(with Oyster or Contactless Card) N/A £19.80
1st Class Adult £26.70 £29.90

• 10 déc. 2021

Is shuttle train running at Gatwick?

It runs every few minutes 24/7 and with a journey time of just two minutes. The shuttle station is located close to the train station at Gatwick’s South Terminal.

Is the Gatwick Airport open? With a long-awaited and anticipated strong demand for international travel this summer, London Gatwick Airport will reopen its South Terminal in March 2022, after two years of being dormant.

Are there trains from Gatwick?

There are fast and frequent trains between Gatwick and London and it’s never been easier to use your Oyster or contactless payment card. Gatwick Express offers a non-stop rail service between the airport and London Victoria in central London. Trains generally run two times an hour and take around 30 minutes.

How much is Gatwick Express ticket?

The Gatwick Express experience

Gatwick Express Standard Fares 2020 (Children* Half Price) Gatwick Express Online Tickets
Tickets can be purchased online or at the station. Online At Station
Standard – One Way £17.80 £19.90
Standard – Return † £34.70 £38.90
Web Duo (Two Together Railcard) – Return (2 people) £39.20~ n/a

Can you tap in to Gatwick? Contactless payment cards can be used to travel between Gatwick Airport and London Victoria on Gatwick Express services. Contactless is also valid on most National Rail services in London as well as bus, Tube, tram, DLR, London Overground and TfL Rail. Fares and daily caps are the same as with Oyster PAYG.

Can I use my Oyster card to get to Gatwick? You can now use London’s Oyster Cards and contactless payment options to pay for fares on the Gatwick Express, Southern trains and Thameslink trains between London and Gatwick Airport. However Travelcards are not valid.

Can I get a shower at Gatwick Airport?

Gatwick offers free shower facilities on the departure level of the North Terminal and on the Gatwick Village level of the South Terminal. If you’d like soap and a towel, simply pick up the courtesy phone by the shower room door and someone will bring them over.

Can you sit in an airport overnight? In many airports, the answer is yes. However, there are airports that close at night and other airports that simply do not permit/like airport sleepers and are openly hostile. We suggest you visit the airport guide for the airport you are inquiring about.

Are drinks free in no1 Lounge Gatwick?

Complimentary food is included in your lounge entry, with hot dishes available from the kitchen. Drinks from the bar, including wine, beer and spirits, are also complimentary.

What happened to the Gatwick flyer? Airport shuttle service The Gatwick Flyer ceased trading after 32 years following “a period of extremely challenging trading conditions”. An email was sent out last week, Wednesday, October 2, on behalf of the company in Danes Road, Romford, to some of its customers, some the day before they were due to travel.

Is the Gatwick Express worth it?

Verdict: The Gatwick Express is most useful for people who can easily access Victoria station. Those living/staying on the Thamelsink route and/or those in South London may find it easier to use alternative services.

Is Gatwick Express cheaper with Oyster? Also, the Gatwick Express is generally cheaper when you buy a ticket online (securing a 10% discount and the cheapest fare) than using an Oyster. To buy online you’ll need to open an account at Gatwick Express.

Can you pick up at Gatwick train station?

Park, pick someone up or drop them off

There are drop-off and pick-up points with dropped kerbs not far from the station entrance. There are also car parks at Gatwick Airport, London Victoria and Brighton stations.

Which terminal is train station at Gatwick? The railway station is located at the South Terminal, just a short walk from both departures and arrivals. The station is easily accessible from the North Terminal by a free shuttle.

What stations does Gatwick Express stop at?


  • Gatwick Airport.
  • Goring-by-Sea.
  • Gipsy Hill.
  • Glynde.
  • Godstone.
  • Gordon Hill.
  • Grange Park.
  • Guildford.

Do I have to wear a mask at Gatwick Airport? We continue to recommend passengers wear a face covering when at the airport. Our staff continue to wear masks for your safety and theirs. Airlines may have specific rules and guidelines in place, so please make sure you check with your airline before you travel.

Do you have to wear a mask in Gatwick Airport? All passengers and staff must wear a face covering unless there is a medical reason not to. All staff have completed a full training course to cover new ways of working with protective equipment. They will be wearing face masks and gloves and have continuous access to hand and equipment sanitiser.

Are flights still going from Gatwick?

COVID-19 travel update

All flights currently operate to and from our North Terminal only. We recommend you wear a face covering whilst at the airport.

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