How can I merge my AirAsia account?

To merge your accounts(s), please contact us via

Additionally, How do I transfer large points to another account? Step 1: Launch the BIG Rewards app. Step 2: Tap on your profile. Step 3: Select ‘Transfer points’ and key in the recipient’s name and BIG Member ID. Step 4: Tap ‘Continue’ to proceed.

Can you transfer airasia big points? Yes, you can transfer BIG Points to other BIG Members via the BIG Rewards app.

Subsequently, Does airasia big points expire? The BIG Points is valid for 24 months after it is credited into your BIG Member account.


Who is Airpaz?

Established in 2011, Airpaz is an online travel agent headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia. The company provides and online booking service to consumers, offering a platform to manage flight bookings and purchase air services.

How do I know when my big points expire? To view your BIG Points that will be expired in 60 days, log in to your account on our BIG Rewards app. Click on ‘Transaction history’ then scroll down to view your BIG Points expiring in 60 days.

Can I delete my AirAsia account? Conversation. Pls note u may only deactivate the account, pls fill out e-form The Team will assist you accordingly. TQ.

How much are airasia big points worth? How much are AirAsia BIG Points really worth? The value of 100 BIG Points seem to be around RM0. 80 for regular flights, although this will differ depending on your destination. Based on the fares above, 100 BIG Points is equivalent to RM0.

What is BigPay airasia?

SINGAPORE/KUALA LUMPUR, 6 August 2021 – BigPay, an airasia Digital portfolio company and a leading fintech in Southeast Asia, announced today that it has finalised up to US$100 million in financing from South Korean conglomerate, SK Group. Founded in 2017, BigPay is present in both Malaysia and Singapore.

What is airasia big loyalty? AirAsia has officially launched its biggest ever loyalty programme, simply called BIG. BIG is the ‘first of its kind’ global loyalty programme where you earn BIGGIES (points) with every transaction and you get to redeem AirAsia FREE FLIGHTS with your BIGGIES.

Is Airpaz a travel agency?

Airpaz is an online travel agent. The Company provides a variety of information, pricing, availability, and service reservation of tickets for popular and exotic destinations around the world.

How do I get an Airpaz code? You can find your booking code in the email confirmation that we sent to you. Airpaz provide 2 booking codes in your email, They are Airpaz code and airline booking code.

How do I check my Airpaz flight status?

To check your booking status, please manage your booking, please follow the steps below :

  1. Open our website
  2. Choose « Orders » menu.
  3. Input your Airpaz code and email.
  4. Click Search.
  5. Find your latest Booking Status in Order Details.

How much is airasia big point worth?

How much are AirAsia BIG Points really worth? The value of 100 BIG Points seem to be around RM0. 80 for regular flights, although this will differ depending on your destination. Based on the fares above, 100 BIG Points is equivalent to RM0.

How do I redeem my airasia points? For more information on how you can use your airasia points, check out the ‘Use Points’ tab on the airasia rewards mobile app. You may also use airasia points to redeem travel activities & experiences on Simply log in to your airasia member account before you check out.

How do I redeem my BigPay points? It’s as simple as a single tap – just open your BIG Rewards mobile app and browse through all the available vouchers! You can redeem your airasia BIG Points on the spot. You can also check out the awesome rewards we have on the BigPay app!

How do I cancel my big rewards account?

You may at any time of your own accord cancel your Membership by sending a notice in writing and/or email notification to us. We will then terminate your Membership and your participation under the BIG Loyalty, and your BIG Member ID will no longer be valid for use to earn and/or redeem BIG Points.

How is AirAsia big point calculated? Every RM1 AirAsia spend = 6 BIG Points. Every RM2 overseas spend = 1 BIG Point. Every RM3 local spend on Platinum Card = 1 BIG Point. Every RM5 local spend on Gold Card = 1 BIG Point.

How do you redeem big points?

Step 1: Launch the BIG Rewards app and sign in to your BIG Member account. Tap on the ‘Use BIG Points’ tab and browse through the deals within your preferred category. Select your preferred deal to view full details. Step 2: Read and understand the Terms of Use carefully before choosing to redeem a BIG Deal.

How do I check my big point history? To view your BIG Points balance and transactions, log in to your account via the BIG Rewards mobile app OR visit Once logged in, click on ‘Transaction history’ to view your BIG Points balance & transactions.

How AirAsia reward their employees?

Employees reward given by AirAsia is very worthy. Every year, some of the employees will be chosen to get free flights to different destinations if they do well in their jobs. They also provided up to 90% of discount for their employees on concession travel.

Is BigPay owned by AirAsia? As a portfolio company of AirAsia, BigPay shares the same ethos of bringing democracy to financial services and creating digital products that are inclusive, affordable and accessible for the people of Asean.

Who owns BigPay?

Tony Fernandes launches BigPay officially, with plans for remittance and money-lending services. Fernandes aims to transform AirAsia into a digital company, starting with the introduction of BigPay, its new cashless system.

Is BigPay a bank? “BigPay Bank will allow us to execute deeper on our mission to build a connected financial future for Malaysian consumers and entrepreneurs. If we’re given the licence, we’ll be able to reach more Malaysians with a wider range of services – all with the goal of building a stronger Malaysia,” said Salim Dhanani.

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