The white sand beach at Warwick Paradise Island features a small, enclosed swimming area, lounge chairs, and free snorkeling equipment. There’s also a huge lagoon pool with plenty of lounge chairs to go around.

Is the Warwick part of Atlantis? yes it is around 10 minutes walk from the Warwick as you go there you go trough the atlantis village and you can look at all the boutiques and the Marina with all the nice boats. over a year ago.

Then, How old do you have to be to stay at Warwick Paradise Island? Age Requirement: All Guests must be 18 years or older to make guest room reservations, be 16 years and older to be accommodated at the Resort and to visit any of the restaurants or bars at Warwick Paradise Island Bahamas – All-Inclusive.

When was Warwick Paradise Island built? Paradise Island is connected to the island of New Providence by two bridges that cross Nassau Harbour. The first was built in 1966 by Resorts International, and the second in the late 1990s.


What is included at Warwick Paradise Island?

This smoke-free property features 5 restaurants, a full-service spa, and an outdoor pool. Free full breakfast and free WiFi in public areas are also provided. Other amenities include 2 bars/lounges, a 24-hour health club, and a poolside bar.

How do I get from Warwick paradise island to the airport? The quickest way to get from Nassau Airport (NAS) to Warwick Paradise Island Bahamas – All Inclusive – Adults Only, Nassau is to taxi which costs $80 – $95 and takes 20 min.

How do you get to Paradise Island Bahamas? Nearest major international airport: Paradise Island is served by Nassau International Airport. Taxi fare to Paradise Island from the airport takes about 30 minutes. For travel on the islands, visitors who aren’t afraid of driving on the left side of the road can rent a car or a scooter.

Is Riu Bahamas Open? The Bahamas’ Riu Palace Paradise Island is back, Caribbean Journal has learned. The Paradise Island all-inclusive officially reopened in May, according to The Bahamas’ Ministry of Tourism.

What does all-inclusive mean?

Answering All Your Questions. By Kylie Morrow | February 9th 2021. An all-inclusive vacation is a vacation that includes all the essentials in the booking price. Besides accommodation, you can expect food, drinks, activities, and entertainment to be included, without having to pay extra for it.

How much is a taxi from Nassau airport to Paradise Island? From the Nassau airport taxi rates are approximately $32 to downtown Nassau, $22 to Cable Beach and $38 to Paradise Island—plus the bridge toll. Fares are based on two passengers; there is an additional charge for extra passengers and extra luggage.

What airport is closest to Warwick Paradise Island Bahamas?

Warwick Paradise Island Bahamas offers the ambiance of a private escape for those seeking a modern, relaxed, and intimate resort. The newest 4 Star Deluxe All-Inclusive « Adult Only » Resort on Paradise Island is just a short 30-minute drive from Nassau’s Lynden Pindling International Airport (NAS).

Does Warwick Paradise Island have an airport shuttle? No, Warwick Paradise Island Bahamas – Adults Only does not offer free airport shuttle service.

What is the best time to go to Paradise Island Bahamas?

The best time to visit the Bahamas is from mid-December to mid-April, the country’s peak season. Though temperatures here are great year-round (they rarely dip below 60 degrees), the islands fall within the hurricane belt, so hurricanes may be a factor between June 1 and Nov.

Can you walk around Paradise Island?

You don’t need to rent a car here. Most visitors walk around Paradise Island’s most densely developed sections and hire a taxi for the occasional longer haul. The most popular way to reach nearby Nassau is to walk across the toll bridge. There is no charge for pedestrians.

Why do people visit Paradise Island? Relaxing on the most beautiful beaches in the world, indulging in world-class dining and nightlife, unwinding in award-winning spas, embarking on a thrilling underwater adventure… there’s truly something for everyone in Nassau Paradise Island.

What does RIU Paradise Island include? Hotel Riu Palace Paradise Island

It is equipped with a swimming pool, whirpool, a warm beach, solarium-terrace and the Spa and Beauty Center with a range of different treatments.

Is RIU Paradise Island closed?

Hotel Riu Palace Paradise Island. Just a little more than five months after reopening, Hotel Riu Palace Paradise Island confirmed yesterday that it will be temporarily closing its doors on January 17. The property was one of the first resorts to reopen on July 1 during the first phase of the tourism sector’s reopening.

Is RIU Paradise Island Open? The All Inclusive 24h Adults Only Hotel Riu Palace Paradise Island opens all year round and lies directly on a spectacular 4 km stretch of white, sandy beach, next to Atlantis, the biggest casino in the Caribbean.

Do I tip at all-inclusive resort?

Tipping is not a requirement on your vacation at an all-inclusive resort, but it is the norm among guests in most cases. You can tip in US currency in most cases; however, it is best to avoid using coins because they are harder to exchange.

How much money should you bring to an all-inclusive resort? For a one-week stay at an all-inclusive resort, a couple should budget to spend about $150 US (or the local currency equivalent) total in tips. This means that you should bring about $20 in small bills with you to spend on tips throughout the day.

Are drinks at all-inclusive resorts watered down?

10 Yes, The Drinks Really Are Watered Down

But the truth is, most don’t. And this is especially true of all-inclusive who have to keep their costs down due to « unlimited drinks. » Therefore, watering down drinks is no myth, according to bartenders on Oyster.

Can I use US dollars in Bahamas? Currency and Exchange

The U.S. dollar is on par with the Bahamian dollar and is accepted all over the Bahamas. Bahamian money runs in bills of $1, $5, $10, $20, $50, and $100. Since U.S. currency is accepted everywhere, there really is no need to change to Bahamian.

Do you tip in Bahamas?

The amount you tip in Bahamas will depend on where you are and what type of services you’re buying. As a general rule, expect to tip around 10% of the bill. If you get exceptionally good service, say thank you with a tip closer to 15-20%.

Can you drink water in the Bahamas? Drinking tap water in the Bahamas is generally of good quality and safety is considered to be well regulated. However, as in any hot tropical country, there are still some precautions that wise visitors prefer to take. First of all, although tap water is considered good, you can still stick to bottled water.

What should I avoid in the Bahamas?

Pickpocketing, snatch-and-grab, and other petty crimes are also possible. As a result, heightened police presence and check points can be expected. Keep your valuables hidden, take only what you need with you for the day, and don’t leave your belongings unattended, even at the beach.

What is the coldest month in the Bahamas? Coldest month: January (average 72 F) Wettest month: August (average rainfall: 6.2 inches) Best month for swimming: July (water is average 84 F)

Is the Bahamas expensive? The Bahamas is expensive as it mostly caters to vacationers who want to splash out. However, with a little creativity you can trim your budget and manage a visit without going bust. Here are some ways to save money in the Bahamas: Stay with a local – Use Couchsurfing to stay with locals for free.


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