With over 300 sunny days per year, it’s no surprise that Marseille’s best nightlife centres on open-air venues and sweeping coastal views. Whether it’s lounging on the rooftops or sipping cocktails with your feet in the sand, Marseille’s nightlife has something for everyone.

Does Salou have good nightlife? Salou Nightlife Caters For Party Animals

It runs from the end of the beach and is lined with fun bars and clubs. This street and the immediate surrounding area is known locally as ‘Slammers’. It is full of people in their 20s who are looking for a night of drinking and dancing.

Consequently, Is Marseille worth visiting? Marseilles is known as the most criminal city in France. There are districts where you can be robbed during the day, not just at night. That said, it’s a city worth visiting as it’s not as famous as Paris, but there are still many beautiful and unforgettable places to see.

Where is Marseille at night? Marseille Nightlife

  • Bar de la Relève. The St-Victor district in the seventh arrondissement is steadily growing in popularity and is home to several bars, restaurants and food shops much loved by the bobo (bohemian bourgeois). …
  • Café de la Plage. …
  • Carry Nation. …
  • Le Bazar. …
  • Le Trolleybus. …
  • New Cancan. …
  • Dock des Suds. …
  • Espace Julien.


Are there beaches in Marseille France?

Marseille beaches offer lots of choice with a style for every occasion: inlets carved out of limestone cliffs, the perfect antidote after long hikes; idyllic boat trips to nature reserves on sandy islands; wide city beaches to play sport or to party with friends; and private nooks and crannies for romantic swims.

Does Salou have a strip? Basically 2 minutes down the road from the internacional is the very start of the strip. This also takes you to the main beach( not the closest beach).

Where has the best nightlife in Spain? The 6 Best Party Destinations in Spain for Nightlife

  • Madrid: party in the capital of Spain.
  • Barcelona: best beachside party destination in Spain.
  • Valencia: all the parties your heart desires.
  • Gran Canaria: the all-in-one Spanish party island.
  • Ibiza: world-renowned clubs and DJs.

Where do you fly into when going to Salou? Reus Airport is the closest airport to Salou, and you can fly there from London in just over two hours.

Is Marseille posh?

But Marseille is also a very poor city. As The Guardian reported in 2017, Marseille contains many of the poorest suburbs in France, where life is hard and many people live in poverty.

Is Nantes worth visiting? Nantes is the perfect destination for a city break. It’s a vibrant university city where history and the present day are fused to offer visitors art, culture and fun (not to mention really tasty cuisine… you’re in France, after all).

Is Toulouse worth visiting?

Toulouse is definitely worth visiting, and will give you an idea of French southern identity. The city is famous in France for its « pink color » and is known as the pink city, because of the light red colored bricks used in the construction of the old town area.

Where can you swim in Marseille? 10 Best Beaches in Marseille

  • Plage Bonneveine.
  • Plage de la Grande Mer.
  • Calanque de Port Pin.
  • Plage du Prado.
  • Calanque d’En Vau.
  • Plage de l’Arene.
  • Plage de Sainte-Croix.
  • Plage des Catalans.

Can I swim in Marseille?

The beaches of the valleys are part of the beaches of Marseille. These are mainly small rocky coves in which it is possible to swim. There are several such as those listed below: the Vallon des Auffes, the Vallon de Malmousque, the Vallon de la Fausse Monnaie and the Vallon de l’Oriel.

Is Marseille famous for beaches?

Marseille might be better known for its ancient port area, its Greek and Roman history, its soaring church spires, and buzzy yacht harbors, but don’t forget that sparkling beaches are also on the menu. Most of Marseille’s beaches clutch the French Riviera, which begins just to the east.

Does Marseille have an airport? Marseille Provence Airport (French: Aéroport de Marseille Provence) (IATA: MRS, ICAO: LFML) is an international airport located 27 km (17 miles) northwest of Marseille, on the territory of Marignane, both communes of the Bouches-du-Rhône département in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur région of France.

What is Salou known for? Salou, tourist capital of Costa Dorada. Salou is a port city on Costa Dorada, located just 20 km south of Tarragona. The city was founded by the Greeks in the 6th century and became well-known for its fishing port, which was at its peak in the Middle Ages and continues to be used in modern times.

What is the main strip in Salou called?

Llevant Beach, Salou’s main beach, is a stunning strip of golden sand and gentle waters. There are lifeguards, public toilets, showers, and volleyball nets on the beach, making Llevant a great choice for families.

Where is the best nightlife in Europe? Top 10 party destinations in Europe

  • Ibiza, Spain. This iconic Spanish island is pretty much the clubbing capital of the world. …
  • Berlin, Germany. …
  • Prague, Czech Republic. …
  • Barcelona, Spain. …
  • London, England. …
  • Mykonos, Greece. …
  • Munich, Germany. …
  • Stockholm, Sweden.

What age can you go clubbing in Spain?

– Admission to nightclubs is only permitted to people over 18. – Admission to certain venues may be restricted to a certain dress code. – The consumption of alcoholic drinks outdoors is prohibited, with the exception of the terraces belonging to venues which are specially adapted for this purpose.

Is Portugal a party place? Portugal is well-known for the nightlife and it is always filled with fun and people who love music and dance. Portugal nightlife is not restricted only to clubs or bars or dance. It is something different and a mixture of all flavours of fun.

Is Salou worth visiting?

Inexpensive accommodation, clear blue sea and long sandy beaches are the reasons for its popularity. Type of holidays: Salou is the perfect destination for a lengthy holiday. It is a family-oriented region that can accommodate guests of all ages for a week or more.

Is Salou a good holiday destination? Salou is the most amazing place to be, and has something for everyone, all ages. Its warm, beside the beach, with lots of shops and bars, with quiet and loud areas. The locals are very friendly and there is always something to do. The theme park Port Aventua is amazing, and very cheap.

How much is a taxi from Reus airport to PortAventura?

What is the fastest way to get from Reus Airport (REU) to PortAventura World? The quickest way to get from Reus Airport (REU) to PortAventura World is to taxi which costs €16 – €20 and takes 13 min.


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