People speak English throughout Italy and on Capri so that shouldn’t be a problem – however it is nice to perhaps know some phrases in Italian (hello, where is…, how much… etc.) . Popular things to do are the tours to the Blue Grotto, and tons of shopping!

Do I need a car in Capri? For most of the year, motor vehicles are forbidden on Capri: non-resident vehicles can be embarked for the island only for the months between November and Easter. Regardless, there isn’t much use for vehicles on Capri: there is only one road on the island, and there is excellent public transport.

Then, Is Capri a tourist trap? The harbour is a typical tourist-trap place. The main town, called Capri, makes you think of an over-botoxed, ultra-manicured old lady whose only concerns is to be dressed in the most expensive fashion brands…

Should I go to Ischia or Capri? Ischia is much less steep, with the peak of Mount Epomeo at the center of the island rising above the flat plains. The towns are also more or less flat. On Capri, you cannot bring vehicles on the island and the village centers are pedestrian only. On Ischia, you can bring your car to move around.


Can you walk between Capri and Anacapri?

You can certainly walk up to Anacapri along the old ‘Scala Fenicia’ (google for plenty of info about this).

Is Capri safe? Capri is incredibly safe, even for kids and solo travelers. The water is clean, there are no health risks, and crime is kept to a minimum. However, tourists should always stay aware of their surroundings as pickpocketing does occur in busy areas and foreigners are a common target.

Can you walk around Capri? Many parts of the island of Capri are easily reached on foot, especially if they are downhill! When the island gets crowded, it’s often more enjoyable to take a leisurely walk to your destination than to wait in the long line at the bus stop under the hot sun.

What is the best time to visit Capri Italy? The tourist season on Capri traditionally runs from the Easter holidays to the first weekend of November. Locals consider the best times to visit the island from the beginning of April to mid-June, and from the beginning of September to mid-October.

Does anyone live on Capri?

The most famous name to have actually lived on Capri is, of course, Tiberius. And one can walk among the ruins of the Villa Jovis, the largest of the 12 villas that the emperor is said to have built for himself there.

What famous people are in Capri? Capri has always been a resort town, but the clientele has changed a bit since the days of vacationing Roman emperors. The island has played host to pretty much every A-list celebrity you can think of, from George Clooney and Kim Kardashian West to Cristiano Ronaldo and Leonardo DiCaprio.

What celebrity lives in Capri?

A romantic island off the coast of Naples, Capri has long been a fantasy destination popular with artists, politicians and celebrities – Mariah Carey owns a villa there, Hollywood stars from Leonardo DiCaprio to Lindsay Lohan have visited, and even Lenin vacationed there.

Can you get a ferry from Ischia to Capri? The Ischia Capri ferry route connects Gulf of Napoli with Gulf of Napoli and is currently operated by 2 ferry companies. The Alilauro service runs up to 14 times per week with a sailing duration of around 50 minutes while the Alicost service runs up to 6 times per week with a duration from 50 min.

How far is Ischia from Capri by boat?

It is approximately 33 km to get from Ischia to Capri. How do I get a ferry ticket from Ischia to Capri?

Can you get a boat from Sorrento to Capri?

The Sorrento Capri ferry route connects Italy with Gulf of Napoli and is currently operated by 3 ferry companies. SNAV operate their crossing up to 3 times per day, NLG 6 times per day & the Alilauro Gruson service is available up to 8 times per day.

Is it better to stay in Anacapri or Capri? If you are going to want to be shopping, sightseeing, taking to people, hustle & bustle, Capri is the place to be. They have more cosmopolitan restaurants and more things to do in general. If you are looking to relax and take in the feel of a small cliff town, Anacapri is where you want to stay.

How do you get around Capri without a car? There are three main modes of transportation: bus, funicular, and… by foot! Wear comfortable footwear: in the center of Capri you can only get around on foot and often a scenic walk is the only way to get between different spots in town.

How do you get around Capri?

The main public transportation on the Island of Capri are orange buses and the funicular. The principal ticket offices are located in the port in Marina Grande and next to the Piazzetta in Capri town. The towns on the island are connected by a road open to traffic, so can also be reached by taxi and rental scooter.

Is Capri near Greece? Capri is part of the region of Campania, Metropolitan City of Naples. The town of Capri is a comune and the island’s main population centre. The island has two harbours, Marina Piccola and Marina Grande (the main port of the island).


Population 12,903 (2022)
Pop. density 1,170/km 2 (3030/sq mi)

Can you drink the water in Capri Italy?

The short answer is yes. Drinking water from the tap in Italy is considered safe. Tap water in the major cities and towns around Italy is safe for consumption, and there are thousands of old-style water fountains dotted around cities, like Rome, where you can fill up water bottles.

What is Capri known for? Known as the “Emerald Island,” Capri boasts incredible aqua-green waters that sparkle like a jewel in the bright sun. Its overall vibrant green appearance is bolstered by the more than 800 species of plants that flourish on the island.

Are there cars on Capri?

For most of the year, motor vehicles are forbidden on Capri and non-resident vehicles can only be embarked for the island between November and Easter. Regardless, there isn’t much use for vehicles on Capri! There is only one road on the island and public transportation is excellent.

Are there beaches on Capri? Along with Marina Grande, Marina Piccola is the only place on Capri where there are real stretches of beach. The bay at Marina Piccola has southern exposure and is protected by Mount Solaro, so it is always warm and still; you can find local islanders taking a dip here even during the winter months!


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