Trains in the Netherlands: your ticket will be checked

There are no exceptions made if you’re a tourist and were confused about how the trains in the Netherlands work: you will be fined if you don’t have a valid ticket. Fines are usually €50, which is quite a chunk of money for anyone.

What is the difference between sprinter and intercity? Intercity trains are fast domestic train services which make limited stops between the major centres. If you are travelling from one city to another these are nearly always the best and quickest option. Sprinter Services are slower stopping train services which generally make stops at all stations between cities.

Consequently, Are trains in the Netherlands expensive? According to 2017 figures from the European Statistical Office Eurostat, public transport in the Netherlands is more expensive than in any of the other 27 countries in the European Union.

How can I travel to Holland for cheap? The Netherlands on a Budget

  1. Book in advance. …
  2. Stay in a dorm room. …
  3. Stay outside of Amsterdam. …
  4. Get an Airbnb. …
  5. Avoid the high season. …
  6. Visit Amsterdam during the week. …
  7. Get an OV Chipkaart. …
  8. Or don’t get an OV Chipkaart.


How do you use OV?

When boarding a bus, tram, metro or train, hold your single-use chipcard or anonymous OV-chipkaart in front of the ticket reader. The green light and beep signal indicate that your card has been read. When you get off, hold your card in front of the ticket reader once again to check out.

Is there toilet in intercity train? All Intercity trains are equipped with toilets. … Longer trains will have several toilets available.

Do sprinters have toilets? The inside of the Sprinter includes a full bathroom with a shower, a kitchen, a bed, and multiple entertainment systems.

Are there toilets on train? Most trains don’t have sewage tanks so anything in the toilet is dumped straight onto the tracks.

What powers do Dutch trains have?

As of the first of January this year, all public transport trains are being powered by renewable energy, namely from wind power. The historical land of windmills is leading the charge in wind energy development. According to, there’s currently a total of 2,200 wind turbines across the country.

How much is public transportation in Europe? An all-day pass for all forms of public transport in the country currently costs only about $4.40.

Is Holland expensive?

Statistics by Eurostat reveal that the Netherlands is the sixth most expensive country in the European Union. Consumer prices in the Netherlands are 17% higher than the EU average, and Dutch prices are above the EU average in every category.

How much should I budget for a trip to Holland? Cost of a Trip to the Netherlands & the Cheapest Time to Visit the Netherlands. The average price of a 7-day trip to the Netherlands is $1,035 for a solo traveler, $1,560 for a couple, and $2,190 for a family of 4.

How can I travel to Holland for free?

Student OV; weekday or weekend. A Student Travel Product lets you travel by public transport for free or with a discount in the Netherlands. If you’re living with your parents, you might enjoy having a weekday season ticket to travel to uni or school.

How do I get a bus pass in Holland?

Either card is purchased at a counter or device, at airports, at stations and at newsagents or supermarkets. You can also purchase a disposable card on the tram and/or bus. Sales points are indicated by the pink OV-chipkaart logo. Find a salespoint nearby your location in the Netherlands.

Is transportation free for students in Netherlands? If you’re a MBO, HBO or university student in the Netherlands, you can use your student OV for free train, bus metro and tram travel on weekdays or in weekends.

How do you load an OV chip card? How to top up your balance

  1. Go to
  2. Fill in your details and choose the desired amount.
  3. Order your balance.
  4. Check in at a gate or post on your next journey with NS. Your balance is loaded onto your OV-chipkaart immediately.

Does Amtrak dump waste on tracks?

Long-distance Amtrak passenger trains routinely dump raw sewage onto the tracks.

Do Dutch trains have plugs? – Thalys: There is a power socket at each seat in Comfort 1 (1st Class) as well as Comfort 2 (2nd Class). … – Intercity Berlin: There are 2 power sockets by the window seats in 1st Class.

Why can’t you use the toilet on a train in a station?

As a general rule, people travelling on trains are warned not to flush the on board toilet while it’s not moving. That’s because most trains don’t have sewage tanks, meaning anything in the toilet is dumped straight onto the tracks. So as you can imagine, if the train is stationary, it can cause huge problems.

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