Can I transfer miles? With the “Transfer Miles” service you have the option of transferring or receiving award miles to or from another Miles & More member for a transaction fee. You can carry out the mileage transfer yourself at

Can I use my Lufthansa miles on United? Lufthansa is not part of United Airlines, but both airlines are part of the Star Alliance. The alliance means you can redeem your Lufthansa miles for flights on United and your United Airlines miles for flights on Lufthansa.

Consequently, Can I transfer my Airmiles to a family member? Once Miles are in your AIR MILES Cash and Dream Accounts, they cannot be transferred from one to the other. However, you can change your balance preference as many times as you like.

Can I transfer my Flying Blue miles to someone else? You can gift Flying Blue miles to friends, family members, and anyone else, regardless of whether or not they are already a Flying Blue member. You just have to provide the Flying Blue member number or email address of the intended recipient.


Can you transfer United miles to a family member?

You can only transfer United miles online, through your MileagePlus account. To make a transfer, select “Transfer Miles” from the top menu bar, then enter the recipient’s name, MileagePlus number and e-mail address.

How do I stop Lufthansa miles from expiring? Lufthansa miles expire 36 Months after they are earned, at the end of the quarter, as well as when you close your account with unused rewards . To prevent Lufthansa miles from expiring, redeem your miles on a regular basis and make sure to cash in any unredeemed rewards before closing your account.

Which is better Lufthansa or United Airlines? United offers a more comfortable seat, better bedding, and enhanced privacy over the Lufthansa seat. You’ll find good meals, hit/miss service, the same lounges, and similar ground services on both airlines.

How much is 25000 United miles worth? The value of 25,000 United miles depends on how you’re using them. Redeeming miles for airfare is typically the best option for travel rewards because it often offers the most value. Travel experts say United miles are worth about 1.3 cents per point, which would make 25,000 United miles worth $325 in United flights.

Can my husband and I combine our air miles?

As you can see, not all airlines and frequent flyer programs permit families to share and pool miles in the same way. Thankfully, a growing number of programs allow families to put their miles together in various ways to achieve that next award flight faster.

How do I change my Airmiles to cash? You can set up or change the balance preference for Miles you get by moving the slider from 0% to 100%, towards either your Cash or Dream Accounts. Once set, click the Update balance preference button, verify your email address, then click Confirm email.

Are airmiles transferable?

Once Miles are in your AIR MILES Cash and Dream Accounts, they cannot be transferred from one to the other. However, you can change your balance preference as many times as you like. … We encourage any Collector who has multiple AIR MILES Cards with different Collector Numbers to merge their duplicate Collector Accounts.

Do Flying Blue miles expire? All your Miles are valid for life as long as you take an eligible flight on Air France, KLM, Aircalin, Kenya Airways, TAROM or other airline partners at least once every 2 years, or if you’re an Elite or Elite Plus member, or if you make a purchase with an eligible co-branded credit card at least once every 2 years.

How much is a Flying Blue Mile worth?

Normally, Flying Blue sells miles for 3.07 cents each at current exchange rates (2.75 euro cents). To get the biggest bang for your buck, you can buy 100,000 miles.

Do Air France Business Class seats lay flat?

Yes. Whether an Air France, SkyTeam, or third party lounge, Air France Business Class passengers have access to lounges throughout their journey. On intercontinental flights operated by dual-aisle aircraft, all Business Class seats on Air France are lie-flat.

Can I use my miles to buy a ticket for someone else? Yes, you can use your American Airlines AAdvantage miles to book tickets for other people. The process is almost as easy as booking a ticket for yourself. You will need to be prepared ahead of time by having their preferred itinerary, personal information, and preferences available to ensure a smooth booking process.

Can I sell my United miles? Yes. MilesBuyer enables you to trade your unused United Airlines miles for cash. Since United Airlines flies to 340+ destinations at affordable fares, it is the carrier of choice for not only international but domestic travelers as well, making United Airlines miles one of the most sought after.

Do Lufthansa Miles and More expire?

Lufthansa miles expire at the end of the quarter 36 months after the miles were earned. For example, miles earned in October 2019 will expire December 31, 2022.

How long are miles valid? If you have Miles & More miles in your account, it might be worthwhile to check the expiry date — they expire within 36 months of earning them.

How long are miles and more miles valid?

How long are my Miles & More award miles valid? Award miles are valid for 36 months from the date of the activity and, unless they have been used, expire at the end of the quarter.

Does Lufthansa have good service? Lufthansa has received 5-Star Airline certification from the independent rating agency, Skytrax. For this award, the travel comfort and service quality provided by Lufthansa were examined and assessed. The result is a great honour for us: Lufthansa is Europe’s only 5-Star Airline.

What is the difference between economy and premium economy on Lufthansa?

More space, more free baggage, more service – long-haul flights in Premium Economy Class offer plenty of comforts. Consequently, you’ll enjoy a relaxed flight to your destination and will be able to head off for some sightseeing or start your meeting as soon as you arrive.

Is Lufthansa United? Only one of the flights is Lufthansa operated by United, all others are United airlines. Which website should I be checking in online with and also which counter should I approach on the day of travel ?


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