Can you take a caravan to Magnetic Island?

Car Ferry to Magnetic Island

Their large ferry can transport motorcycles, cars, campervans, caravans, boats and even semi-trailers from Townsville to Magnetic Island and back again. They also take foot passengers (for the same price as SeaLink), where you walk on and walk off before the vehicles enter the boat.

Additionally, Should I take a car to Magnetic Island? Do I have to take my car? No, walk on passengers and bicycles are welcome, however transfers to and from the ferry are to be made by the passenger and is not the responsibility of Magnetic Island Ferries.

Can you have fires on Magnetic Island? THE large vegetation fires burning on Magnetic Island are under control, authorities have said. Queensland Fire and Emergency Services and Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service are monitoring the fires, which are under control.

Subsequently, How long does it take to drive Magnetic Island? Hiring a ‘Barbie Car’ is one of those iconic things to do on Magnetic Island. There is really only one main road which stretches less than 50% of the entire island’s perimeter. In fact, you can drive from the south to the north in about 10 minute’s total.


Can I stay on Magnetic Island?

You’ll find a variety of places to stay on the island: camping, hotels, apartments and hostels all make up the Magnetic Island accommodation options that you can stay at. There are 4 main areas of the island that people visit, so click here if you want to read about them first before you decide on where to book.

Can you swim on Magnetic Island? Its beautiful beaches make it look like paradise, but can you swim on Magnetic Island? Magnetic Island is, in fact, great for swimming all year round. Palms line the golden, sandy shores, with coral-fringed bays making for inviting sea temperatures throughout the year.

What can you do on Magnetic Island for a day? Top 12 Things to do on Magnetic Island

  • The One & Only Maggie Comprehensive. …
  • Discover The Underwater World. …
  • Kayak and Jet Ski in Horseshoe Bay. …
  • Walk to Balding and Radical Bay. …
  • Find Rock Wallabies at Geoffrey Bay. …
  • Snorkel at the Geoffrey Bay Shipwreck. …
  • Walk Up to the Forts Walk. …
  • Spot Wild Koalas.

How much is it to hire a Mini Moke on Magnetic Island? Affectionately known as Barbie Cars, these tiny, topless cars are fun, quirky and a novelty that you should absolutely buy into. The cars can be rented from Tropical Topless at $80 per day.

Can I take my dog to Magnetic Island?

Can my dog come with me to Magnetic Island? Yes! Dogs must be muzzled and on a leash in our terminals and on board our vessels, or in a pet carrier.

How do you get to Radical Bay in Magnetic Island? Radical Bay can be access via the Radical Bay Road which is suitable for 4WD or walking only. There is also a walking track from the eastern end of Horseshoe Bay beach that takes you over the hill through the eucalyptus forest to Radical Bay.

Are there any fire bans in Queensland?

Fire Bans. There are currently no fire bans in this area.

Is there a nudist beach on Magnetic Island? There are no official nudist beaches in Queensland but Balding is a well known unofficial nudist beach. It is probably the best i have been on having visited many countrys. Its a 20 minute walk up and down natural stone steps, or arrive by boat.

Which is the best area to stay on Magnetic Island?

Tucked away on the north side of Magnetic Island, Horseshoe Bay is home to over 3km of beautiful sandy beaches and is famed for its cafes and restaurants, watersports activities, retail shopping, and the Sunday markets. These are my top picks of accommodation on Magnetic Island in Horseshoe Bay for each budget.

Are there crocodiles on Magnetic Island?

Crocodiles have been spotted crossing a stretch of ocean between the north Queensland tourist hotspots of Townsville and Magnetic Island. There have been seven reported sightings on the island, 8km off the coast, this year, according to the Department of Environment and Science.

Are there stingers around Magnetic Island? Dangerous stinging jellyfish (‘stingers’) may be present in the waters around Magnetic Island at any time, but occur more frequently in the warmer months.

Are there lockers on Magnetic Island? There are storage lockers (82.5cm long, 50cm wide, 60cm high) available for hire within the Breakwater Terminal. These lockers are only accessible between opening hours. Large lockers are $8 per 24hrs.

Where can you snorkel on Magnetic Island?

Some of the best places to explore while snorkeling and diving on Magnetic Island are found at Nelly, Geoffrey, Alma, Arthur and Florence Bays. The Island has two marked snorkel trails, one in Nelly Bay and another in Geoffrey Bay.

What to do on Magnetic Island when it’s raining? Highest rated attractions on Tripadvisor, based on traveller reviews.

  • Stage Door. 134. …
  • Arcadia Store. Speciality & Gift Shops. …
  • Magnetic Bliss Massage. Spas. …
  • Happy hands Thai massage. Spas. …
  • Magnetic Island Museum.

Can you do Magnetic Island in a day?

Yes it is worth the day trip and yes you can hire a car once on the island. The passenger ferry offer a great value package with ferry tickets and car hire with several options of companies to choose from (I choose not to take my car based on value and I don’t like getting the salt water on it).

Can you do Magnetic Island a day? Enjoy the highlights of Magnetic Island by bus with 1-day all-day bus pass, with Sunbus, to travel between the bays.

How long does ferry take to get to Magnetic Island?

It is easy to get to Magnetic Island on a SeaLink ferry with up to 18 services per day and it only takes 20 minutes!

Are cats allowed on Magnetic Island? Pet tolerance depends on pets causing minimal public nuisance, and residents of Magnetic Island are strongly in favour of this philosophy. Magnetic Island provides a unique and somewhat ideal testing ground for management strategies for domestic pets.

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