Can you see Horseshoe Bend without a tour?

Short Answer: Yes! It is possible to visit Horseshoe Bend without a tour or guide. Many visitors to Horseshoe Bend make a point to see the neighboring Antelope Canyon, which requires you to book a tour through a certified Navajo tour company.

Additionally, Is Upper or Lower Antelope better? If you want to visit both canyons, I recommend visiting Upper Antelope Canyon at 10:30 am (best chance to see those light beams but make sure you book your tickets well in advance!) and Lower Antelope Canyon at 1:30 pm (even with a reservation, you might have to wait 30 minutes or longer to enter Lower Antelope Canyon …

Is Horseshoe Bend Az open during Covid? Horseshoe Bend is open, but there are closures at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.

Subsequently, Can you swim at Horseshoe Bend? Horseshoe Bend (and by extension Glen Canyon) offers a variety of different activities. Because Lake Powell is within the recreational area, visitors can bring a boat or jet ski and swim in the lake as a great family outing.


Is Horseshoe Bend open now?

Horseshoe Bend NMP is open every day except Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Years Day. The park boat ramp is open from dawn to dusk daily. For park emergency closure information select Option 4 after calling 256-234-7111.

How hard is Lower Antelope Canyon? The hike is fairly easy and not super difficult. Lower Antelope Canyon is a little more rigorous, there are stairs to climb.

When should I go to Lower Antelope Canyon? If you don’t care about the light beams and want to avoid the crowd, the best months to visit Antelope Canyon are from November to February. There are a lot fewer people going through slot canyon so your guided tour may not be as full plus the weather in the southwest is really nice this time of year.

Is it worth seeing both Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon? All in all, both Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon are worth visiting – however, given that tours are likely to cost a minimum of $50/60 with taxes and tips, most people will want to choose between the two.

Is Horseshoe Bend better sunrise or sunset?

“Horseshoe Bend is best viewed late morning or mid day. The ‘bend and river are in shadow at other times. At or just before sunset, the sun will be in your eyes and the bend will be in shadow. It’s best viewed mid day to early afternoon.”

Do I have to wear a mask at the Grand Canyon? Effective June 19, 2020, Coconino County and Grand Canyon National Park require face coverings when visitors and residents are unable to socially distance themselves from others.

Can you visit Horseshoe Bend at night?

Be aware that the roads to Horseshoe Bend are extremely dark at night, so you want to start your journey early in the morning and enjoy the beautiful sunset on your way.

Why is Powell receding? But now, Balken said, climate change is draining the lake naturally. “The transformation that’s happening in Glen Canyon right now is absolutely remarkable,” he said. “There are hundreds of acres and hundreds of newly flowing creeks and streams and rivers.”

Can I hike Antelope Canyon without a guide?

While you cannot explore Antelope Canyon without tour guides present, and you must pay for a park permit, you do not need reservations when you visit through Antelope Canyon Navajo Tours. However, you may prefer to book your tour in advance for several reasons.

What is secret Antelope Canyon?

Secret Antelope Canyon is part of the Lake Powell, Antelope Canyon system and is still an undiscovered gem with group sizes that are limited to just a fraction of Upper and Lower Antelope Canyons. It begins with boarding a shaded, open-air, 4×4 tour truck and taking a short three-mile drive from Page, AZ on Highway 89.

Is Horseshoe Bend man made? Horseshoe Bend, Lake Powell, man-made reservoir created by damming the Glen Canyon on the Colorado River, on the border between Arizona and Utah, United States.

How many stairs are there in Lower Antelope Canyon? In total, there are about 130 steps inside Lower Antelope Canyon. They are all made of metal, and the longer sections have sturdy handrails on both sides. Here are some more photos of the stairs. These are stairs you have to descend.

Is Lower Antelope Canyon claustrophobic?

The Canyon is tight in places, but has plenty of expanded sections, typically up to 15 feet wide. jstein53 is correct – there are slits of sky, but only here and there. The primary claustrophobic concern is the crowds – they can be oppressive.

How hard is Horseshoe Bend hike? It’s not too difficult although summers can be very hot as there is no shade with the exception of a small gazebo structure halfway to the overlook. The hike will start from the parking lot and is extremely easy to follow. The first part of the trail up to the gazebo is all uphill, but it is a gentle climb.

Can you do Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon in one day?

Can you do both Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon in one day? Yes, you can book tours for both in one day. You can also visit Horseshoe Bend later in the same afternoon. Plan about two hours between bookings to make sure you have plenty of time to finish up with one before heading to the other.

Can you do Horseshoe Bend and Antelope Canyon in one day? Yes, it can be done. Total time required for all 3 is around 5-6 hours. I recommend you start with Horseshoe bend early in the morning (1-1.5 hrs). Then do the Upper Antelope Canyon (~1.5 hrs) and end with the Lower Antelope Canyon (1hr).

What is the difference between Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon?

The biggest difference between Upper vs Lower Antelope Canyon is the size of the canyon itself. The upper canyon is wider at the bottom vs. the top which is what produces such beautiful light beams inside the canyon. Lower Antelope is much smaller at the bottom, and is shaped like the letter “V.”

Can you see Horseshoe Bend and Antelope Canyon in one day? Don’t worry — you can experience some of the most breathtaking sights that the American Southwest has to offer by visiting Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend in a single day.

Can you see Antelope Canyon without a tour?

Some may wonder if they can visit Antelope Canyon without booking a tour — you might even be one of them. The answer might surprise you: no, Antelope Canyon can only be visited through a guided tour.

How far apart are Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon? It’s one of the most photogenic slot canyons, and it has two different sections, Upper Antelope Canyon and Lower Antelope Canyon. At a mere 7.5 miles apart, outdoor enthusiasts, photographers, and tourists can see both of these amazing canyons in the same day, without having to walk 7.5 mile distance between the two!

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