Can you get to Sardinia by boat?

Getting to Sardinia by ferry is one of the two ways to reach the island and the only viable option if you are traveling with your own vehicle (car or motorbike).

Additionally, Is there a car ferry from Italy to Sardinia? Or those who fancy a picturesque train journey through the Italian mainland before their holiday in Sardinia. Getting to Sardinia by car and ferry can be done overnight or during the day – in five to 12 hours depending on the route.

What is better Sardinia or Sicily? If you’re looking for classic historical sites and lots of Greek history then Sicily is the best option, whereas Sardina has much older examples of ancient monuments and has more Roman history than the other island.

Subsequently, Is Sardinia connected to Italy? The island of Sardinia is, however, quite a distance from mainland Italy, which means getting from one to the other is something that requires a bit of forethought. Whereas one can see Sicily from the tip of Italy’s toe – and vice versa – Sardinia lies roughly 190 miles off the western coast of the country.


How do you get to Sardinia from UK?

Flights from London Heathrow (LHR) to Olbia Coast Smeralda Airport (OLB) take just 2 hours 25 minutes and flights from London Gatwick (LGW) to Cagliari-Elmas Airport (CAG) take 2 hours 45 minutes, meaning the capital of Sardinia is just a short flight away.

How long is the ferry from Genoa to Sardinia? The Genoa Porto Torres ferry route connects Italy with Sardinia and is currently operated by 2 ferry companies. The Grandi Navi Veloci service runs up to 8 times per week with a sailing duration of around 12 hours 15 minutes while the Tirrenia service runs up to 11 times per week with a duration from 9 hr 30 min.

How do you get to Sardinia from France? There are 3 ferry routes operating between France and Sardinia offering you combined total of 5 sailings per week. Corsica Ferries operates 3 routes, Toulon to Porto Torres runs 2 times per week, Toulon to Golfo Aranci about 1 time weekly & Nice to Porto Torres about 2 times weekly.

Should I visit Palermo or Catania? Palermo « may » have the edge on markets, but overall, Catania is better for shopping – You would find boutique shopping on via Etnea, as well as hypermarkets all around Catania. There are beaches in Catania and beaches easily reached by public bus from Catania towards the airport – Mondello is Palermo’s beach.

What’s better Corsica or Sardinia?

Sardinia has more great beaches, but Corsica has quaint mountain villages and secluded coves. Sardinia has the best seafood and pasta, but Corsica has unique stews and cheeses. Sardinia has more historical sights, but Corsica has more lush and green landscapes. Sardinia is a bit more affordable than Corsica.

Should I go to Sardinia or Puglia? Sardinia is mostly about nature, in particular jaw dropping turquoise sea. Puglia has some of that, particularly the Gargano and the Salento, but there are more historical sights to see, including Matera which is not technically in Puglia but near. So it depends on the type of vacation you want. Sardinia hands down.

What language do Sardinians speak?

Sardinian language, Sardinian limba Sarda or lingua Sarda, also called Sardu, Italian Sardo, Romance language spoken by the more than 1.5 million inhabitants of the central Mediterranean island of Sardinia.

Are Sardinians friendly? Sardinians are welcoming

One of the first things you’ll hear from virtually anyone who’s been to Sardinia is that Sardinians are extremely welcoming: guests are considered sacred, and most locals would never even think of sending someone away.

What food is Sardinia famous for?

Top 10 eats in Sardinia

  • Su Porcheddu. Among the most famous meat dishes on the island, and a real countryside tradition, Su Porcheddu is better known as roast suckling pig, usually cooked on a spit for up to five hours. …
  • Culurgiones. …
  • Zuppa Gallurese. …
  • Malloreddus. …
  • Pane Carasau. …
  • Pecorino Sardo. …
  • Seadas. …
  • Sea urchins.

Can you fly UK to Sardinia?

These days, there are direct flights from London, Birmingham (BHX), Bristol (BRS) and Manchester (MAN). However, while direct flights depart from London to the three Sardinian airports of Olbia (OLB), Cagliari (CAG) and Alghero (AHO), Manchester only has flights to Alghero.

How far is Sardinia from London by plane? The fastest way to get from London to Sardinia is to fly which takes 5h 1m and costs £60 – £150. How far is it from London to Sardinia? The distance between London and Sardinia is 1452 km.

Is Sardinia good for a holiday? Sardinia is an ideal holiday destination thanks to its splendid beaches and great historical, cultural and natural heritage. Visitors can cross the island from the North (Santa Teresa di Gallura) to the South (Chia) by car in 5 hours, taking the cross-island highway known as the “Carlo Felice”.

How long is the ferry ride from Naples to Sardinia?

The Naples Cagliari ferry route connects Italy with Sardinia. Currently there is just the 1 ferry company operating this ferry service, Grimaldi Lines. The crossing operates up to 3 times each week with sailing durations from around 15 hours.

How long is the ferry from Genoa to Corsica? The Genoa Bastia ferry route connects Italy with Corsica. Currently there is just the 1 ferry company operating this ferry service, Moby Lines. The crossing operates up to 7 times each week with sailing durations from around 10 hours.

Is there a ferry from Sardinia to Sicily?

There is currently just the 1 ferry route running between Sardinia and Sicily operated by 1 ferry company – Grimaldi Lines. The Cagliari to Palermo ferry crossing operates weekly with a scheduled sailing duration from about 12 hours.

Is there a ferry from Nice to Sardinia? Nice to Sardinia ferry information:

Nice is connected to Sardinia via the port of Golfo Aranci. On average, there are 2 crossings per week between Nice and Sardinia, which are operated by Corsica-Sardinia Ferries. Crossings from Nice to Golfo Aranci usually take around 12 hours 45 minutes.

How many days do you need in Sicily?

Sicily can be experienced in as little as 3 to 5 days if you are short on time and interested in a quick coastal retreat. However, it’s much better to spend at least a week discovering this Mediterranean paradise.

Are there beaches in Palermo? There are several beaches in Sicily that are in or very near Palermo including Mondello, Aspra, Cefalu, San Vito Lo Capo, Isola delle Femmine, and Arenella. Each of these beaches is located either directly in the city of Palermo or within an hour’s drive from the city itself.

Is Catania cheaper than Palermo?

Another hard call. Having to choose one, then Catania. Is it cheaper to stay in Catania or Palermo: Palermo tends to be cheaper on both accommodations and food, but by a small margin, probably around 10-15%. You can read more on my guide to how expensive is Sicily, with reference to Palermo and a possible daily budget.

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