Can you fly from Milos to Mykonos?

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Cheap Flights from Milos Island National to Mykonos Island National.

Origin Airport Milos Island National
Destination Airport Mykonos Island National
Flight Price $298
Distance 70 mi

Additionally, What cities fly direct to Mykonos? Other European cities with direct flights to Mykonos are Amsterdam, Stockholm, Manchester, Zurich, Geneva, Vienna Paris (Orly and Charles de Gaulle), Nice, Lyon, Barcelona, Naples, Venice, Rome, Bologna, Napoli, Florence, Bari, Cologne and Munich, to name just a few!

Does Milos have an airport? Milos Island National Airport is an airport in Milos, Greece (IATA: MLO, ICAO: LGML). Milos is an island in the Cyclades. The airport is located 5 kilometers southeast of the harbour of the island.

Subsequently, Can you fly from Milos to Crete? There are no airlines that fly non-stop from Milos to Crete.


Is there a ferry from Mykonos to Milos?

The ferry connection between Mykonos and Milos is served during the summer with 2 morning and afternoon departures. The earliest ferry departs from Mykonos at 08:45 and arrives at Milos at 14:20. The last scheduled departure is at 16:30 and the speedboat reaches Milos at 19:36.

How long is the ferry from Milos to Mykonos? The Milos Mykonos ferry route connects Cyclades Islands with Cyclades Islands. Currently there is just the 1 ferry company operating this ferry service, SeaJets. The crossing operates up to 7 times each week with sailing durations from around 2 hours 40 minutes.

How long is ferry from Santorini to Milos? How long is the ferry ride from Santorini to Milos? The duration of the Santorini to Milos ferry trip ranges from 2 hr to 5 hr. The travel time varies depending on the ferry company and type of vessel you’re traveling with.

Which island is closest to Mykonos? Which islands are close to Mykonos? There are many islands close to Mykonos like the famous Santorini, the islands of Andros, Tinos, Milos, Ios, Syros, Paros and Naxos.

Does Milos have nightlife?

Milos Nightlife

Many bars are found in the streets of Plaka, the capital of the island, playing lounge music and staying open until a bit after midnight. Most noisy bars and few clubs can be found in Adamas, the port of the island, that stay open till the early hours.

How many days do you need in Milos? I haven’t been to Sifnos or Kythnos before, but i can strongly recommend that you plan at least five days for Milos alone, since it is a pretty big island with lots to see and do.

Which one is the most beautiful Greek island?


I’m pretty sure Santorini is the most famous and possibly the most beautiful islands in Greece.

Is Milos or Santorini better? In the end, I’d say that visiting both Santorini and Milos is the best thing to do, but if I had to choose where to spend my time between the two, I would definitely pick Milos. It’s just so much more fun! That’s 500 words, let’s go!

Are there flights from Santorini to Milos?

There is no direct flight from Santorini Airport to Milos Airport. The quickest flight takes 2h 55m and has one stopover. … Aegean Airlines, Ryanair, Olympic Air and Sky Express offer flights from Santorini Airport to Milos Airport.

Is Mykonos expensive to visit?

Unfortunately, Mykonos is also the most expensive Greek island. The average cost for a one-week holiday to Mykonos is around $2,000 for a solo traveler, $3,500 for couples, and $8,000 for families! A holiday could set you back nearly double the price of other comparable destinations like Athens and Milos.

Which is better Mykonos or Santorini? The scenery, views, sunsets, and natural beauty of Santorini are unrivaled by Mykonos or any other Greek island. Mykonos is not without its beautiful spots but for scenes that are truly jaw-dropping, Santorini wins hands-down. Santorini is more romantic and much better suited to a honeymoon or couples vacation.

Can you island hop from Mykonos? Mykonos is the perfect option for island hopping to other islands! There are ferries to Mykonos from all the popular Cyclades islands, including Santorini, Naxos, Paros, Milos, Tinos, and Syros. There are also ferries from Crete to Mykonos, in particular from the port of Heraklion.

Is Milos a party island?

Milos is located in the Aegean Sea; Milos is one of the best party islands in Greece! There are many different bars and clubs that you can choose from here, so there will always be something fun to do.

What is there to do in Milos at night? 7 Exciting Things to Do in Milos at Night

  • Take a sunset tour of Plaka.
  • Sleep over in the colorful fishing village of Klima.
  • Take a sunset cruise.
  • Spend an evening in the harbor town of Adamas.
  • Take a sunset stroll in Pollonia.
  • Go for a wine tasting.

How many beaches are there in Milos?

Also along the coastline, you’ll find over 70 beaches, each one unique in its own way, where you’ll find adventure, tranquillity or both. My best friend comes from the island of Milos and here are her suggestions for the best beaches to visit in Milos.

Is Milos or Naxos better? Naxos is like a small Crete without the huge numbers of tourists and inland is just as scenic. Milos is very quiet at all times and you rarely hear English spoken – on the whole popular with French and Scandinavian tourists.

Are there sharks in Milos?

Shark sightings are very rare in Milos, or the Aegean at large, and even those that are seen from time to time, are not the man-eater kind.

Do I need a car in Milos Greece? While many of the roads in Milos are paved, there are long stretches of dirt roads, often in bad condition. What is this? In order to reach the more remote eastern beaches, or to explore the west, barren side of the island, you will need to rent an appropriate vehicle.

Is Santorini or Mykonos better?

The scenery, views, sunsets, and natural beauty of Santorini are unrivaled by Mykonos or any other Greek island. Mykonos is not without its beautiful spots but for scenes that are truly jaw-dropping, Santorini wins hands-down. Santorini is more romantic and much better suited to a honeymoon or couples vacation.

Where was Mamma Mia filmed in Greece? In the original “Mamma Mia,” the Greek island of Skopelos played the fictional island of Kalokairi. But to shoot “Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again,” filmmakers turned to the island of Vis, off the coast of Croatia.

Which is the quietest Greek island?

Lemnos. Lemnos, which is also known as Limnos, is one of the quietest islands in Greece. This rather large island in the blue Aegean sea is not part of the main circuit of destinations visited by the crowds of tourists that Greece receives every summer.

Should I go to Milos or Mykonos? Milos and Mykonos both have gorgeous beaches. The big difference between the two islands is that it’s easier to get to the beaches on Mykonos. On Milos, beaches are scattered around the island and you will need to rent a vehicle to reach most of them because they aren’t conveniently located close to accommodation.

Is Milos cheaper than Santorini? Food and drink prices were also 15 to 20 percent cheaper in Milos than in Mykonos and Santorini, in my experience. It’s always the people you meet on your travels that make the biggest impression, and the people in Milos were insanely nice.

What island combines with Milos?

Why you should swap Mykonos and Santorini for Milos and Folegandros. In a country that has 6,000 islands, it’s a little surprising that we only ever seem to hear about a handful of them.

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