1. Re: Driving to Eze? Eze is one of the few places that a rental is helpful. Most all of the other destinations along the coast are better reached by train or bus, so we normally recommend not getting a car at all.

Is there Uber in Eze France? Yes, but Uber drivers don’t like picking up in Eze. Uber will take you there at a relatively low cost and efficiently.

Consequently, How do I see Eze? The best way to get to Eze is to take the Moyenne Corniche. There’s a parking area below the medieval Chateau that fills up fast. Lignedazur runs line 82 from Nice Gare Routiere. The frequency is every 45 to 60 minutes Monday to Saturday and fewer on Sunday.

How do I go from Nice to exe? The quickest way to get from Nice to Èze is to train which costs €3 – €13 and takes 14 min. Is there a direct bus between Nice and Èze? Yes, there is a direct bus departing from Le Port – Nice and arriving at Èze Gare. Services depart every 30 minutes, and operate every day.


How do you get around the French Riviera?

Here’s our budget travel guide to the French Riviera.

  1. Sail small. Photo by Filip Stoklas. …
  2. Get a rail card. If you’re more of the land-lubber type, there’s a great SNCF rail line that runs along the French Riviera. …
  3. Be smart with accommodation. Photo by Alexey D. …
  4. Eat local. …
  5. Do free stuff. …
  6. Shop smarter. …
  7. Stay in smaller towns.

Do you need a car in French Riviera? French Riviera Travel Tips

If you plan on staying in just one spot, like Nice or Cannes, don’t worry about renting a car. These towns are pedestrian friendly, so you can walk almost anywhere or easily hop a train or bus to a nearby village.

Is there Uber in French Riviera? A much better, more affordable option for the French Riviera is Uber. Uber-X will save you 33-50% off typical taxi rates. Even Uber Black Car will be cheaper than a taxi (though the minimum charge for this option is 15€). And, unlike taxis, Ubers do not charge more at night or on Sundays!

How do you pronounce Eze? Eze – Eze (pronounced [ézè]) is an Igbo word which means king.

How long is the Nietzsche Path?

Get to know this 2.60 mile, out and back trail near Èze, Alpes-Maritimes. Generally considered a moderately challenging route, it takes an average of 1 h 55 min to complete. This is a very popular area for hiking and other nature trips, so you’ll likely encounter other people while exploring.

When was Eze built? Eze is a beautiful medieval city built on the top of a hill, and facing over the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea. This town is located on a piece of land that for centuries was contended between Italians and French. Eze was first made into an actual habitable town during the 12 century B.C.

How far is Nice from Cannes by train?

The distance between two destinations on Nice and Cannes on the French Riviera is 16 miles (26 km), traveling southwest along the coast. The easiest way to make the trip is by train, which takes about 25-40 minutes and is not subject to traffic.

How long is the high speed train from Paris to Nice? Generally, the average journey time by train from Paris to Nice is 5h 58m, with around 10 trains running on this popular route each day provided by SNCF and OUIGO. SNCF’s high-speed TGV service can take you from Paris to Nice by train in just 5h 41m.

How do I get from Nice to St Tropez?

You can take a train to Saint-Tropez from Nice that depart from Nice Ville and arrive at St Raphael Valescure. The railroad connecting two cities is about 63 miles. The trip takes 3 hours. Enjoy a comfortable trip to Saint-Tropez for the average price of 25 USD.

Which part of France is the most beautiful?

The 10 most beautiful places to visit in France

  1. Champagne: home of Dom Pérignon. …
  2. 2. Provence: land of lavender. …
  3. Gorges du Verdon: the Grand Canyon of France. …
  4. Mont Saint-Michel: the real Rapunzel’s Tower. …
  5. Dune du Pilat: Europe’s tallest sand dune. …
  6. Saint-Tropez: land of luxury. …
  7. Rocamadour: the sacred hilltop pilgrimage.

Is French Riviera worth visiting? Overall, the French Riviera is a great place to visit, not nearly as intimidating as it might seem, and it’s surprisingly easy to visit a number of destinations all while operating out of a ‘home base’ in Nice. We’d highly recommend it if you’re looking for a ‘beach destination’ or want to see the Mediterranean.

Should I stay Nice or Cannes? Nice is bigger than Cannes, being France’s 5th largest city, and is busier, more lively, nosier, and more diverse, with some gritty parts as well. Nice is more of a real city, while Cannes is more of a quiet beach resort with a more exclusive, luxury feel.

How should I dress for the French Riviera?

French Riviera style for women is all about breton stripes, glistening whites, cropped trousers, basket bags, espadrilles, wraps and off-the-shoulder styling. Think Grace Kelly or Audrey Hepburn stepping out of their hotels or onto the beach at Cannes Film Festival, and you can’t go wrong.

How much is a taxi from Monaco to Nice? How much does a cab cost from Monaco to Nice 06200 ? The average cost with a taxi company is 107 € while the most affordable price obtained is 45 €.


Taxi ride price Minimum price Average price
Monaco to Nice 06200 45€ 107€
Monaco to Nice 06000 38€ 106€
Nice 06000 to Monaco 29€ 90€
Nice 06200 to Monaco 45€ 82€

Are there Ubers in Nice France?

Uber is a welcome alternative to Nice taxis; much less expensive, no risk of overcharging tourists, no money changes hands, no need to speak French, and much friendlier and more professional. … Uber-X is the most popular service.

Is Uber operating in Nice? Uber is available at Nice Airport, so you can enjoy a convenient and comfortable trip to wherever you need to go.

How is Eze pronounced in Igbo?

What does Eze mean in Hebrew? Meaning: How lovely! Use: When something beautiful happens, you see something or hear something lovely, a happy story is told to you. These are the moments where you exclaim in your Israeli accent “eze yofi! איזה יופי”. Yofi יופי means beautiful and איזה eze in this context means “how”.

What does Eze M mean?

Ezem (Hebrew: עצם, vars. ‛Atsem or Otzem, meaning strength) is an unidentified site in the Negev of Judah toward the Edomite border. It is mentioned in the Biblical Book of Joshua(15:29; 19:1–3).


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