The DoDublin Freedom Ticket is an all-in-one sightseeing and transport ticket, that gives you the freedom to travel anywhere in Dublin using the extensive public transport system, and visit all the most famous locations and attractions on Dublin’s No.

Do Dublin buses take cards? Bus Éireann, Irish Rail, Go Ahead, Dublin Bus and Luas all accept Leap Cards on some or all of their services. They can also be used on commuter and rural bus services within the TFI public transport network.

Then, What is the difference between 60 plus Oyster card and Freedom Pass? Just like the Freedom Pass, it will also allow them free travel outside of morning peak hours on other national rail services in the capital. However, unlike the Freedom Pass, 60+ Oystercard holders will not be able to use their card to travel free of charge on local bus services in other parts of the country.

Can I use my Freedom Pass to travel to Brighton? Although you can go around in Brighton tapping on and off with your Freedom Pass, unfortunately, you cannot use it to travel from London to Brighton neither by train nor by a coach of the National Express.


Is the Freedom Pass being discontinued?

No, only those whose Freedom Pass expires on 31st March 2022. Please only renew if you still require your pass.

What age is free travel in Ireland? The Free Travel Scheme allows you to travel, free of charge, on public transport and some private bus and ferry services. Everyone aged 66 and over, living permanently in Ireland, can get the Free Travel Scheme. People with disabilities and carers aged under 66 may also qualify for Free Travel.

Is the Nitelink running? Normal services run from 5.00am until midnight. The Nitelink service operates from midnight until 4.00am on Friday and Saturday nights. The Dublin Bus range of services include Cross City, Radial, Orbital, DART Feeder, express limited stop commuter services, Nitelink and Sightseeing tours.

Can you pay cash on Dublin Bus? Dublin Bus fares and tickets

Paying with cash: An exact fare system is operated by Dublin Bus and only coins (not notes) are accepted. No change is given. Prepaid tickets: You can also pay your fare with a prepaid ticket.

Is Oyster card free for over 60s?

If you’re 60 or over and live in a London borough, you can get free travel on our transport services with an Oyster photocard.

Is the over 60 Oyster card being stopped? In June 2020, TfL announced it would no longer allow passengers to use 60+ Oyster Cards or Older Person’s Freedom Passes during morning peak hours to “help conserve space on public transport” and aid social distancing for key workers.

Can I use my over 60+ Oyster card before 9.30 on trains?

From Monday 15 June 2020, the time that Older Person’s Freedom Pass and 60+ Oyster card holders can travel free on weekday mornings will change. Free travel on TfL services will not be permitted before 09:00 Mondays to Fridays. This change will help reduce customers’ risk of exposure to Coronavirus.

Is Freedom Pass valid to Epsom? Epsom to finally join Oyster Pay As You Go, travel cards and Freedom Pass not included.

Can I use my Freedom Pass all day?

The agreement that TfL has with London Councils is that the Older Persons Freedom Pass is valid 9am to 4.30am Monday to Friday and all day on weekends and Bank Holidays. A Disabled Freedom Pass is valid all day every day. London Councils fund all the journeys that are made at those times.

What does the rose mean on Freedom Pass?

The Freedom Pass allows you to travel on local bus services across England during off-peak times – 9.30am to 11pm Monday to Friday and all day at other times. The red rose symbol on your pass denotes that you have this right – known as the English National Concessionary Travel Scheme (ENCTS).

Does Freedom Pass cover Epsom? Epsom to finally join Oyster Pay As You Go, travel cards and Freedom Pass not included.

Is TfL free for over 60s? Londoners over the age of 60 are eligible to apply for a 60+ Oyster Card which allows entitles them to free travel on TfL services and some national rail services. Older Person’s Freedom Passes provide free travel in London and on bus services elsewhere in the country.

Can I use my Freedom Pass to travel to Reading?

Children under 11 who are accompanied by an adult, as well as customers who are eligible for the Freedom Pass, will be able to travel for free to Reading on the TfL service. Customers will be able to use contactless pay as you go between London Paddington and Reading from 2 January 2020.

What does P mean on free travel card? If you are entitled to free travel, the card will also display this information in the top left-hand corner. If FT-P is written on the card the holder is personally entitled to free travel. If FT+S is written on the card the holder can travel with their spouse, partner or cohabitant.

Can I use my Irish Free Travel Pass in Europe?

The European travel pass is mainly for use on the InterRail system, but pass holders will also be able to use buses and ferries at certain times to help make travel across Europe easier.

Can I use my Irish Free Travel Pass in the UK? The answer is no: England, Scotland, and Wales have their own free travel schemes separate from Ireland. Irish free travel passes only work between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Despite the fact that an Irish free bus pass doesn’t work in England, it is still a very effective social program.

Is the Night link back?

The Nitelink bus service will recommence from next Friday, subject to a final Government decision on the further reopening of the economy, Minister for Transport Eamon Ryan has confirmed.

Is the Nitelink back? Dublin Bus has confirmed Nitelink services will resume from Friday, January 28th. The service, which provides 13 late night/early morning routes across the Greater Dublin Area, had previously been halted due to Covid-19 restrictions.

What buses are Nitelink?

All Nitelink, Dublin Bus lines in Ireland

  • 7N. Dublin City South, D’Olier Street – Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown, Woodbrook.
  • 15N. Dublin City South, D’Olier Street – Oldbawn, Cushlawn Avenue.
  • 25N. Dublin City South, Westmoreland Street – Adamstown, Castlegate Way.
  • 29N. …
  • 31N. …
  • 33N. …
  • 39N. …
  • 41N.


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