Are there sharks at Rainbow Beach?

When it comes to Rainbow Beach, there have been more shark sightings in recent years, however, the waters aren’t shark-infested by any means. In fact, sharks are mostly known in the Rainbow Beach area near Wolf Rock where people can go diving and see grey nurse sharks and other smaller breeds of shark.

Additionally, Can you see whales from Rainbow Beach? Whale Watching Rainbow Beach

Another very popular reason why visitor’s from all across the globe come to Rainbow Beach is due to the whales that migrate into the area between May and October. These stunning sea creatures venture right up to Queensland to the warmer climates to relax and breed.

Are there crocodiles at Rainbow Beach? When it comes to Rainbow Beach, there generally aren’t any crocs found in the waters. While it is true that crocodiles can be carried by ocean currents to other areas outside of their known territories, Rainbow Beach isn’t directly connected to a river system like some other beaches.

Subsequently, Are there sharks in Tin Can Bay? Yes, there is a shark population that frequents Tin Can Bay. Bull sharks are common in the area, as are tiger sharks. Leopard sharks are often found in the reef areas that are popular for fishing.


Are there sharks at Bribie Island?

The beach where the shark was found is a popular swimming spot on Bribie Island.

What is there to do in Rainbow Beach for free? Best Free Things to do in Rainbow Beach

  1. Enjoy the Surf. Rainbow Beach with its silky sand and rolling surf stretches along 23km of pristine coastline in Wide Bay on the Fraser Coast. …
  2. Take in the View. …
  3. Visit Rainbow Beach’s Namesake. …
  4. Find the Rainbow Stairs. …
  5. Explore nature. …
  6. Catch your dinner.

Where can I fish at Rainbow Beach? For the Rock fishing enthusiast, there are some big catches to be had off Double Island Point such as mackerel and kingfish. Estuarine fishing in Tin Can Bay Inlet, through the Inskip Point area and up the Great Sandy Straits is perfect for those with a boat or the wish to hire one.

Can you get around the rocks at Rainbow Beach? Just before you reach the town you’ll find the Mudlo Rocks Rainbow Beach is so famous for. These rocks are only passable at low tide. If you can pass Mudlo Rocks, you can continue the short drive up to Rainbow Beach and then exit the beach just as you pass the Surf Life Saving Club.

Can you swim at River Heads?

Safe quiet, beautiful views of Fraser Island. It says river heads beach there is no beach you cant swim there.

Is there crocodiles in Mary River? Recently a number of crocodiles have been trapped in the Mary River, just 105 kilometres north of Noosa and 250km south of their usual range.

Are there crocodiles in Tin Can Bay?

You might see some very rare reports of crocodiles being sighted in the area, but that also shouldn’t be a concern if you stick to the beaches in the bay. You really don’t need to worry too much about your safety in the water at the beaches in Tin Can Bay.

Whats Tin Can Bay like to live? « Lovely town, fishing village, family friendly« 

Tin Can Bay is a great place to live or visit. Boaties and fisherman love this place and one of the best things to do here is to feed the wild dolphins. Great spot if you love the outdoors, there are also some lovely parks and a fantastic foreshore walk.

Why is it called Tin Can Bay?

Originally the town was named Wallu but in 1937 the name was changed to Tin Can Bay. The name came from the Aboriginal word “tuncan” that refers to the dugongs the mammals that live in the water found around the town, but there is also a second meaning “tuncan” a word that refers to “vine with large leaves”.

Are there sharks in Pumicestone Passage?

Pumicestone Passage is also believed to harbour large numbers of the feisty animals. Bull sharks are believed to have been responsible for more human fatalities than great whites, quite possibly because of their unique tolerance to fresh water and their ability to stalk and attack prey in very shallow water.

Do you need a 4WD on Bribie Island? The Ocean Beach drive is in Bribie Island National Park and Recreation Area, 65km north of Brisbane. … The Ocean Beach drive starts at the end of North Street. A high-clearance 4WD with low range capability is required to drive this route. A vehicle access permit must be purchased.

Does Bribie Island have surf? Bribie Island is a good wave for beginners as it has small rolling waves and it has shelter from southerly winds by Moreton Island. The waves usually are small and don’t have much power. The best tide is high tide and the wind is best from the west, southwest.

Do you need a 4WD for Rainbow Beach?

To explore Rainbow Beach, Double Island Point or Teewah Beach you will need a 4WD vehicle. There are a few spots, like the Carlo Sandblow, that you can get to without a 4WD but everything else will be impossible.

Can you drive from Noosa to Rainbow Beach? Getting there. Access Rainbow Beach from Noosa by road or by 4WD along the Great Beach Drive from Noosa North Shore. Just head north along the Cooloola section of the Great Sandy National Park, past Teewah Village, Double Island Point and the Coloured Sands. Drive yourself or join a guided tour from Noosa.

Can you surf at Rainbow Beach?

Learn to Surf Rainbow Beach at Sunshine Coast’s hidden surfing paradise only accessible by 4WD vehicles through the Great Sandy National Park. … This ideal surf location features a long sandy point break with waves that seem to go forever and one of the easiest most satisfying waves you can ever learn to surf on.

Can you fish on Double Island? Access to fish here is via four wheel drive only. Double Island Point is a great refuge for bait fish seeking shelter. It’s the only headland between Noosa River mouth and inskip point, therefore it is a great spot for fishing.

How do you fish at Rainbow Beach?

In the shallower waters, you’re best to aim for the white-wash as it provides shelter from birds of prey. Cast, and with a padernoster rig, anchor up and wait. You’ll catch more fish if you take two or three fish from a gutter then move along as the fish can get spooked.

Where can I fish Inskip? Inskip Point is specifically located north of Rainbow Beach. The point itself is 2km (almost 1.5 miles!) long which is quite impressive for a point area that adjoins to the main beach like Rainbow Beach. Beach fishing is popular, but boat fishing is also possible at Inskip Point.

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