A Weasley jumper was a home-made jumper made by Molly Weasley for family and friends and sent as Christmas gifts. They usually vary in colour, but often have the recipient’s first initial on the front.

What is PC jumper? In a computer, a jumper is a pair of prongs that are electrical contact points set into the computer motherboard or an adapter card . When you set a jumper, you place a plug on the prongs that completes a contact. In effect, the jumper acts as a switch by closing (or opening) an electrical circuit.

Then, Who made the Harry Potter jumpers? Lochaven International of Scotland. Manufacturer and Licensee to the Film Industry. Lochaven has sewn up the market in dressing Hollywood stars from the silver screen, most notably the « Harry Potter » blockbuster movies starring Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint and Robert Pattinson to name but a few.

What present did Harry Potter receive for his first Christmas at Hogwarts? In his first year, Harry got a wooden flute from Hagrid, 50p from Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia, an emerald green sweater from the Weasleys, a Chocolate Frog and Every Flavor Beans from Hermione, and most importantly, an invisibility cloak from Dumbledore.


Why did Hermione get a small Easter egg?

The Easter Egg

Sadly, due to a Rita Skeeter ‘exclusive’ about Hermione in Witch Weekly – Mrs Weasley was under the impression she had recently broken Harry Potter’s heart by getting off with Viktor Krum – Hermione received a smaller-than-chicken-sized chocolate egg as a result of her fictional love triangle.

What is a jumper in Australia? Jumper’ meaning

A sweater, sometimes but not always hoodie. Typically made of cotton. Often worn to school in winter. BobThrob. A pullover sweater.

What is HDD jumper? You may have pins on the back of your hard drive that nothing is connected to. These pins are called jumpers, and are used to enable specific types of settings. They’re not used so much with modern hard drives, except in some special circumstances.

Why are jumpers used? In electronics and particularly computing, a jumper is a short length of conductor used to close, open or bypass part of an electronic circuit. They are typically used to set up or configure printed circuit boards, such as the motherboards of computers. The process of setting a jumper is often called strapping.

Who was the vampire at Slughorn’s party?

Sanguini was a vampire and a friend of Eldred Worple, with whom he attended Professor Slughorn’s Christmas Party.

Were Harry Potter clothes made in India? A company in Noida makes props for some of the best known productions of the world including HBO series Game of Thrones, Harry Potter films, The Tudors, 300 and Batman Begins. It is at the factory of RS Windlass And Sons located in Noida Special Economic Zone that Jon Snow’s cloak from GOT was made.

What did Fred bewitch Percy’s prefect badge to say during Christmas dinner?

More highlights from Harry’s second Christmas dinner involved some carol-singing from Dumbledore and Hagrid, and Fred and George bewitching Percy’s Prefect badge to say ‘pinhead’.

What did Sirius give Ron? 1994 – 1997), also known as Pig, was Ron Weasley’s first pet owl. He was a miniature scops owl. Pig was responsible for the handling of Ron’s mail starting in 1994. He was a gift from Sirius Black after the loss of Ron’s pet rat.

What did the note on the invisibility cloak say?

In the first book of the series, « Harry Potter & The Sorcerer’s Stone, » headmaster Albus Dumbledore gifts Harry an invisibility cloak, which belonged to Harry’s deceased father, James. The gift included a note: « Your father left this in my possession when he died. It is time it was returned to you. Use it well. »

What did Hermione give Harry for his birthday?

Warner Bros. Harry was shocked when, for his 13th birthday in « Prisoner of Azkaban, » book-loving Hermione gave him a Broomstick Servicing Kit. This super-cool, not-nerdy gift resulted in Harry spending lots of time alone in his bedroom, polishing his beloved broomstick for hours and…

Is Molly Weasley a Muggle? Molly Weasley (née Prewett) (b. 30 October, 1949 or 1950) was an English pure-blood witch and matriarch of the Weasley family after marrying Arthur Weasley. She was born into the Prewett family and was sister to Fabian and Gideon Prewett, members of the original Order of the Phoenix.

Was Molly Weasley in the Goblet of Fire? Julie played Molly Weasley in all of the Harry Potter films, except The Goblet of Fire, and she says she still likes to settle down on the sofa and watch them at Christmas time!

What does Molly Weasley do?

Molly Weasley is a middle-aged witch, wife of Arthur Weasley and mother of seven, who puts her family first in everything she does. Molly is a very capable witch in her own right. … Molly does often do the cooking, but she makes everyone chip in and help.

What is a jumper in Ireland? It’s simply a sweater, not to be confused by a jumpsuit. Made famous by the Irish song “Where’s my Jumper?” by The Sultans of Ping FC.

What do Australians call undies?

Simple. Aussie slang is full of alternative words for our trousers and underwear. Reginalds or Reg Grundies are rhyming slang for undies, while bloomers are known as bum shorts in Queensland, and scungies in New South Wales and the ACT.

What is a cowboy called in Australia? In Australia what we call ranches in the United States are referred to as cattle stations and the workers, or cowboys who tend the cattle are called Jackaroos. There are many cattle stations to be found in the outback of Australia. The lifestyle of the Jackeroo is difficult and dangerous.

Where is jumper in motherboard?

Look around your motherboard’s surface for a jumper (as shown in the picture) with the CLEAR CMOS label, which will be located on the motherboard and near the jumper. These jumpers are often located near the BIOS chip itself or next to the CMOS battery.

What are SATA jumpers for? For older equipment, you can use a jumper on the pins to limit its data transfer rate so it can work smoothly with older, slower drives. A jumper pin is a rectangular connector that creates a circuit between two pins.

What are jumper wires made of?

Jumper wire (standard specification)

Standard specifications are tin-plated copper wire.


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